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Аукцион из собрания американского музея игрушек, основателями которого была семья Кристиансен (те самые, которые придумали Лего).
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Micah Barnes - New York Stories

1. New York Story (4:27)
2. After The Romance (The Rent) (2:52)
3. Starting Tomorrow (4:16)
4. Harlem Moon (4:11)
5. I'm Going Back To My Used To Be (3:00)

6. La Rouge Ou Le Noir (The Roulette Wheel) (3:57)
7. Don't Take My Baby (New York, New York) (4:40)
8. Some Other Man (3:29)
9. I Came Back (4:09)
10. I've Been Awake Too Long (2:53)


Hero Must Die


Hero Must Die is a game created in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 25 game jam. It is a puzzle game where you have to figure out how to make the levels impossible for an AI to beat them given limited resources. The game is essentially a role reversal: You are the level designer, and you must stop the player (the AI) from winning! The AI uses NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies (NEAT) to evolve a neural network capable of beating the levels.


- Neural network AI evolved with NEAT
- 7 levels
- Many item types for various puzzles including spikes, jump pads, ice, and tile solidity modification
- Source code available

Algorithm Details

The AI in Hero Must Die uses a custom distribution of NEAT (NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies) to evolve a neural network capable of controlling the character to beat the levels. The neural network uses the map grid around the player’s position as inputs (simply the tile’s unique ID), as well as its current position, velocity, and a vector pointing it towards the goal. When the AI is being trained, many phenotypes are generated and try to beat the level. They are then evaluated based on their performance, allowing evolution to progress.

The selection method for the genetic algorithm is a simple roulette wheel algorithm. After either the AI has found a solution (beat the level) or run out of generations (around 60), the learning is terminated and it plays back the most fit phenotype. This game would be impossible without this special kind of AI because it revolves around the player preventing the AI from beating the level. The AI allows a role reversal that could not easily happen with standard game AI algorithms such as decision trees or path finding.


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Предлагаю понаблюдать за созданием посуды. Процесс завораживает.


#мастеркласс@syuzani уроки с картинками на англ:

как сделать красивым нижнюю часть горшка
как снять горшок с гончарного круга
гончарим очень большую тарелку (ляган)
как сделать большую миску с ручками


Известная шахматистка Дженнифер Шахаде изобрела шахматную рулетку (точнее, изобрела несколько лет назад, а сейчас нашла ей новое применение)
Она дает сеанс одновременной игры, каждый участник которого имеет один шанс за игру крутануть колесо рулетки. Сеансер должен будет свой следующий ход сделать той фигурой, на которой колесо остановится.
(См. демонстрационное видео)


By Carl Nagel
So long as the simple rules are followed, no harm can befall those who summon dark forces to gratify their needs and desires. Lust rituals sure to work, claims author! No gruesome deeds involved; each ritual can be performed in the privacy of one's home with ease.
Includes: man used the ritual of Astaroth to win at the roulette wheel... Seduction spell enabled man to begin realtionship with beautiful young neighbour... Woman applied black arts to gain riches, and ultimately a mansion!... Astral sex with voluptuous female demons... The conjuration to win contests... Conjuration to avoid being seen... Conjuration for revenge... Conjuration for seeing into another person's mind. Also: Passing exams; advancement in politics; Excelling in poetry; Developing courage; Becoming a great wit; and much more!


BUTTERFLY CHOCOLATE CAKE – COOKING WITH EMMA - http://www.arcaderex.com/butterfly-chocolate-cake-cooking-with-emma-happy-wheels/


what is love?
love is a light at
night running through the fog

love is a beercap
stepped on a while on the way
to the bathroom

love is the lost key to your door
when you're drunk

love is what happens
one year in ten

love is a crushed cat

love is the old newsboy on the
corner who has
given it up

love is what you think the other
person has destroyed

love is what vanished with the
age of battleships

love is the phone ringing,
the same voice or another
voice but never the right

love is betrayal
love is the burning of the
homeless in an alley

love is steel
love is the cockroach
love is a mailbox

love is rain upon the roof
of an old hotel
in Los Angeles

love is your father in a coffin
(who hated you)

love is a horse with a broken
trying to stand
while 45,000 people

love is the way we boil
like the lobster

love is everything we said
it wasn't

love is the flea you can't

and love is a mosquito

love is 50 grenadiers

love is an empty

love is a riot in San Quentin
love is a madhouse
love is a donkey standing in a
street of flies

love is an empty barstool

love is a film of the Hindenburg
curling to pieces
a moment that still screams

love is Dostoyevsky at the
roulette wheel

love is what crawls along
the ground

love is your woman dancing
pressed against a stranger

love is an old woman
stealing a loaf of

and love is a word used
too much and
too soon.

(Charles Bukowski)


The E.U. invested lots of dough from faithful taxpayers and its military power businesses. They enjoy cutting the cake filled up with collateral civilian casualties in Ukraine. USA keeps using its puppets around the world, this time an Ukrainian President and coincidentally imposing before more doses of economic crises. NATO and USA try to corral the big, but not anymore so red Russian Bear since 1991. In turn Mr. Putin, the clever KGB agent, another gangster as well as the rest at the Directors International Club bet also some Dollars on his Russian roulette wheel. He is just justifying his game against the almost unilateral western world power. It is normal wildly film sold today. Business as usual...