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Date: 2017-10-29 22:10

The Michigan State Spartans and the 7th-ranked Michigan Wolverines will renew their storied Big Ten rivaly on Saturday when they battle at Michigan Stadium. The game will be televised by ABC Sports and kickoff is set for a few minutes after 7:30 pm EST.

For the first time in the 110-year history of the rivalry, the Spartans and Wolverines will battle each other in a night game. It’s a time that administrators at each school tried to avoid. In the end, they had no power with television and the Big Ten having control over prime-time slots.


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В связи с этим ищу Unity разработчиков и 3д и 2д художников (тут не нужен искусственный интеллект или какая то логика - это просто фейк машина которая всегда выигрывает)

Aloha guys! We are about to start doing that project. see the links above. It's supposed to be a fake slot machine which is letting you win every time you spin it. That means there's no any game logic or Artificial interagency. Essentially it's just a fancy animated app on Unity for Android. I'm looking forward to discuss it with you.