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Date: 2017-10-28 12:14

1200 HK dollars is about 200 USD. I came with 600 HK dollars and left with 1200. Every once in 3 months I need to cross the border with China and come back same day for business visa formality. Macau (Asian Las Vegas) is the closest spot. Only 1 hour by highspeed train from Guangzhou and I am in Zhuhai, border city between mainland China and Macau. Every time I go to Macau I go to play in Venetian Casino, the biggest in the world, 1 mln sq meters. There is no time here. It works day and night, 24/360. Once this money making machine started going it will never stop. I like to play roulette. Have my stop-loss and take-profit limits, which is 100 USD equivalent. In other words if I loose 100 USD I stop playing, if I win 100 USD I stop as well. This time I was betting on black, if red came I would double the bet. Very simple strategy, no need to think too much, just relaxed and enjoyed the game. Luck was on my side this time, within 2 hours I reached my take-profit and left the casino. Time to go back to China:)


Wargame: Red Dragon - Double Nation Pack REDS (2014)
Размер 19.59 GB
Год выпуска: 2014
Жанр: Strategy, 3D
Разработчик: Eugen Systems
Издательство: Focus Home Interactive
Платформа: PC
Тип издания: Лицензия
Язык интерфейса: RUS|ENG|MULTi10
Язык озвучки: ENG
Таблетка: Присутствует (TiNYiSO)
✔ Операционная система: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1
✔ Процессор: AMD / Intel Dual-Core | 2,5 ГГц
✔ Оперативная память: 2 Гб
✔ Видеокарта: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT / ATI Radeon X1800 GTO / INTEL HD 3000
✔ Звуковая карта: Совместимая с DirectX 9.0c
✔ Свободное место на жёстком диске: 30 Гб
Wargame: Red Dragon – первый выпуск популярной серии стратегий в реальном времени, действие которого происходит за пределами Европы: на этот раз масштабный военный конфликт разворачивается в Азии между 1975 и 1991 гг. В игре представлено 17 стран, включая пять новых, в числе которых Китай и Северная Корея. Арсенал пополнился более чем 450 видами войск и боевой техники – теперь их общее количество превышает 1300. В частности, в Wargame: Red Dragon появились военно-морские силы и вездеходы-амфибии, а также карты с водоемами для их использования, что открывает массу новых стратегических возможностей. Поклонникам одиночной игры Wargame: Red Dragon предложит кампанию, посвященную кровопролитному конфликту, разгоревшемуся вокруг Кореи, а тем, кому больше по душе многопользовательские сражения, – проверенные временем сетевые режимы с поддержкой до 20 участников.
включает DLC:
Wargame Red Dragon - Double Nation Pack: REDS
Wargame: Red Dragon - Nation Pack: Israel
Wargame Red Dragon - Nation Pack: Netherlands
Wargame: Red Dragon - Russian Roulette [10vs10 Map]
Wargame Red Dragon - Norse Dragons
Wargame Red Dragon - Second Korean War DLC
Wargame Red Dragon - The Millionth Mile
1. Установить смонтировав образ
2. Скопировать содержимое папки "TiNYiSO" в папку с заменой игрой.
3. Играть


из www.thePO.ST:

New formulation of Egan's law.

Egan's law is very vague in its short formulation. It is not clear, what is "all", what kind of law is it - epistemic, natural, legal; what is normality - physics, experience, our expectation, our social agreements. So it mostly used as universal objection to any strange things.

But there are lot of strange things. Nukes were not normal before they were created, and if one apply Egan's law before their creation, he may claim that they are not possible. Strong self improving AI also is something new on Earth, but we don't use Egan's law to disprove its possibility.

I could suggest more correct formulation of Egan's law: it all adds up to normality in local surroundings (and in normal circumstances.)

And from this follows that than surrounding become large enough everything is not normal (think about black holes, sun became red giant, or strange quantum effects in small scale)

In local surrounding Newtonian, relativistic and quantum mechanics produce the same observations and the same visible world.

Now we could apply all it to so called Quantum immortality.

I put only 10 per cent probability in QI to work as intended, so I will try any other strategy which have higher payoff (if I have any). That is why I will not play Russian roulette in normal situation.

But there are situations there I don't risk anything if I use QI, but benefit if it works. One of them is cryonics, to which I signed up.

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