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Date: 2017-10-29 22:38

Gambling Operator Betway Comes Under Media Fire for Criminal Ties and Untraceable Ownership

As it can be recalled, Casino News Daily recently produced a series of articles in regard to the controversial practices deployed by major online ...The post <b>Gambling</b> Operator Betway Comes Under Media Fire for Criminal Ties and Untraceable Ownership appeared first on Casino4uk.com.


At Least 50 Dead in Las Vegas Massacre

The incident, which happened outside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, is the deadliest mass shooting in US history.


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# Bookmaking bookmaking, gambling practice of determining odds and receiving and paying off bets on the outcome of sporting events (particularly horse racing ), political contests, and other competitions. Some Commonwealth countries (including the United Kingdom. Australia, and New Zealand), Belgium, and Germany permit the open operation of bookmaking organizations. In the United States there are probably several hundred thousand bookmakers, only a few thousand of whom (in Nevada, New York, and New Jersey) operate legally. A number of casinos in the United States operate as bookmakers in accepting bets on primarily sporting events; this section of the casinos is ...


Прочитала статью, спасибо тем кто её составил. Много придурков там к этой статье напачкали пространство своими глупыми комментариями-это и укры и наши российские либерасты. А ведь говоря о зарплате Сталина, надо при этом и держать в голове, а за какую же работу!!!! Ну И кто бы смог постороить нашу экономику и выиграть войну с фашистами, сделать это на таком уровне как Сталин?! Но вот что интресно ещё, какая картина получается, если сравнивать эту сторону о нашем лидере с тем, как это было у англичанина Черчиля. Поставлю сюда ссылку на статью о расходах Черчиля из "Дели майл" в англосаксом интернете от 2015года. Стоило бы перевести всю статью, но поставлю сюда только заголовок, где естьтакая фраза: "Yet a new book on Churchill's finances reveals he spent £40,000 a year on casinos and £54,000 on booze"==перевод: "В новой книге о финансах Черчиля говорится, что он тратил на казино по 40тысяч фунтов стерлингов в год и 54 тысячи фунтов стерлингов тратил на выпивку.))) Вот уровень интересов и расходов буржуина. Куда уж нам потянуть столько пить и в казино шляться..


The article "Forbes" about the residence of [id402514093|Britney Spears] in Las Vegas:

Residence of Britney Spears ends, and she leaves behind an amazing legacy.

Sorry to say to the fans of Britney, but the residence of the singer's "Piece Of Me" in Las-Vegas, actually, ends.
After the initial signing of the contract for two years and then renew it for another two, all adored pop star, apparently, was enough of Sin City at the moment and the final show of its program will be completed in the new year's eve at the end of this year.
At the time, on the main street of Las Vegas, the program "Piece Of Me" has earned recognition as one of the most successful show that ever happened in Vegas. Earlier this year, at the residence, which plays a collection of the best hits, has announced that it has sold tickets worth over 100,000,000 dollars and not to mention the sale of goods and shows that still have the singer before she officially can finish them.
This is a huge amount of money — and it also does not account for the additional income, those who came in the "Planet Hollywood" in Las Vegas and spent on hotel rooms, restaurants, alcohol, or casino — and it is difficult to assess the overall amount, which could explain how valuable is the singer really is.


A few days ago l returned from Hong Kong, Macau... it is really fantastic!!!!!!! New casinos just stagger the imagination!!!!!!! Грандиознейшие сооружения!!!!!!! Thank you for the article!!!!!!!


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kommentar auf bachheimer zu trump (lesenswert)


08:18 | handelsblatt: Trump-Clan - Eine schrecklich mächtige FamilieEine schrecklich mächtige Familie

Amerikas First Family ist groß – und mächtig. Seitdem der Trump-Clan ins Weiße Haus eingezogen ist, gibt es täglich neue Schlagzeilen über die Familie des US-Präsidenten. In den meisten Fällen sind es negative.

Die Familie des Schwiegersohnes ist wesentlich mächtiger als der Trump-Clan und viel gefährlicher! Das Handelsblatt schenkt diesem Clan allerdings kaum Beachtung - nur eine Randnotiz. Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass dies unbeabsichtigt ist bzw. dass es sich hier um einen Recherchefehler handelt! TB

08:22 | b.com Leserservice: 666 Fifth Avenue! TB

09:49 | Leser-Ergänzung zu Trumps angeheirateter Mischpoche
"Kushner und Anbangs Chef Wu Xiaohui, Gatte der Enkelin von Chinas ehemaligem Staatschef Deng Xiaoping, sollen sich eine Woche nach Trumps Wahlerfolg im Waldorf Astoria getroffen haben, um über die Zusammenarbeit zu verhandeln. Es gab 2100 Dollar teuren Château Lafite Rothschild, schrieb die New York Times."

"1987 hielt Trump 93 Prozent der Aktien des "Resorts International", welches seine Ursprünge in den 1950er-Jahren hatte und aus einer Firma entstand, die die schmutzigen Gelder von CIA und Mossad reinwusch. Ende der 1970er-Jahre waren neben Meyer Lansky, Tibor Rosenbaum und William Mellon Hitchcock auch David Rockefeller und Baron Edmond der Rothschild die größten Investoren des Casinos. Doch 1987, nach dem Tod des langjährigen CIA-Frontmannes James Crosby, dem offiziellen Kopf des Resorts International, kam der junge Immobilientycoon Donald Trump daher und kaufte seine Anteile."


Saturday, March 25, 2017
City Centre Offices - Impact & Inspiration

This week marks the final transmission of the wonderful record label, City Centre Offices. Their style of electronic music was new to me at the time and I devoured their releases with a rapacious glee. I think I have somewhere between 40 - 50 CCO recordings.

City Centre Offices has been silent for a number of years and I hate to admit that I'd sort of forgotten about them. But now this week brings one final release, Boy Robot - Final Transmission. So with the end of CCO officially here, I thought I'd collect a few favorites in a new mix. There is so much great music that came from CCO that I could have done mixes that were hours long but I kept this one to the standard 1 hour.

Rather than go on and on rhapsodically about what a marvelous label City Centre Offices is, I'll direct you to this excellent article over at A Strangely Isolated Place - http://www.astrangelyisolatedplace.com/blog/2017/3/14/city-centre-offices-interview-the-final-transmission
Great stories, insight and music in that ASIP reminiscence. The good folks at ASIP also put together a terrific Spotify playlist of CCO music.

I hope you enjoy this little stroll down memory lane as much as I did.


T R A C K L I S T:
0:00 Arovane - A Secret
04:00 Casino versus Japan - Late for School
09:45 Herrmann & Kleine - Transalpin
15:40 Ulrich Schnauss - Between Us & Them
22:00 Xela - Softness of Senses
26:06 Christian Kleine - Guitar Interrupt
29:48 Dub Tractor - 50Hz Guitar
35:17 Opiate - Open
37:26 Boy Robot - Glamorizing Corporate Lifestyle
40:40 Bitstream - Stream One
44:40 Styrofoam - Cashier Escape Song
50:33 Dictaphone - Dictaphone II
53:24 Swod - Intro
54:14 Marsen Jules - Chanson Du Soir
58:42 Ulrich Schnauss - Gone Forever
66:23 END