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Date: 2017-10-30 16:05

🇺🇸 ENGLISH version of the form (example) of the application for the return of skin's! 🇺🇸

✋ If for any reason you did not receive an trade with the prize, or your item's are not included into the game - write to US (STRICTLY UNDER THE FORM BELOW):

👉👉 A few basic rules that will help you and us at work:

- We consider games only in the last 24 hours. If any item is not executed, we have every right to ignore you.

- Flood, spam in the Message = Block, without consideration of the application. Write only if you need help.

- Photos, phone screens, etc. for the screenshots are not considered. Provide only from the computer and in full size!

- We work on shifts. 1 working shift in 24 hours. We will reply 100% within 24 hours.

- You can get 100 free coins from us, if the fault is the site's fault. Just write "I want 100 coins for an error" and leave your link to Steam when you contact us.

👉👉 Applications to write in private messages of this page VK.

It is very important to comply with each of these points, thus you will facilitate the work for us and speed up the process of getting skinks back for yourself. If the application is not properly executed, the process of issuing things can take a few days (everything depends on you).

👉👉 An example of your appeal in support of:

1. Indicate the site where the error occurred (D2D-ROULETTE.COM, PUBG-ROLL.COM, CSGOSTARS.RU)

2. Indicate the number of the game with which no exchange has occurred, or an incident occurred.

3. Specify the exact time of your exchange in the game (by Moscow). Note that if you provide an inaccurate time or time in another region, the application will not be processed correctly.

4. Provide mandatory screenshots (3 types): Screenshot of the history of the game (from the site), Screenshot of your stakes in the game (on Steam), Screenshot of the inventory history with this trade (on Steam).

5. Give your trade link.


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The Pirates Bomb is an 243 Allways Slotmachine. That means it has no classic winlines and instead is using every possible line - up to 243!
It comes with its awesome Exploding Bomb Bonus. The bomb will explode in bonusgames and transform its neighbor-symbols into Wilds.
Furthermore you can become Captian and earn 1% of every bet made on your betlevel until you get ousted by another player!
Pirates Bomb HD is an extraordinary Full-HD Slotmachine with much special effects and animations - which comes with an cost concerning computing power and filesize / download time. This game is 50 MB heavy - but it's worthwhile - promised. If you encounter performance issues you can right-click to activate the built-in "Performence Boost" and disable background animations.
Enjoy your exciting playtime in Full-Screen for an special experience - Have Fun and Good Luck!
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City of Ages: Picture Supportive Text MUD (server and client included)

The client is designed for everyone to make leveling much easier! Also, some find Text games more fun because a tonne more time is spent on the code over graphics. For those interested in taking up the code; there is a .TXT file to help you start out. VB 6 sr 6, is still a decent language to work with and easy to learn, this is why this language was chosen. Also you will need Access 97 sr 1 if you want to dig into the database. The Server and Client use a true X,Y,Z coordinate system giving real depth to the Mudding environment; allowing the development of a role-play feel and immersive realm. Portability friendly, use any mobile device, tablet, or any type of computer! Not a coder, no problem! Use the IMMO command and learn to build, takes awhile to get used to them but they work great!You begin your adventure with medieval weapons including cross/bows/slings and bolts/arrows/and rocks, and move slowly into modern weaponry. There are machineguns/hand phasers and ammo. Starships are fully loaded with weapons/shields and mines, use them as a house or beam down to just about any location in the realm. Stock-market, Golfing [its hilarious to golf grenades around the realm], Stargates, Starships, a tonne of different types of Quest engines, as well as normal types of quests, and many built-in Door games. Door games include, a Mini-Casino, a real to life Roulette game, a fun Horse Racing game, one playable Arcade game, Dice, and a Deck of Cards. For Role-play we have advanced EMOTES for you and your mountable pets. The creatures of the realm go on city Raids, and will eventually mark you as a bounty over time and then they will try to catch you off guard.Great for those new to Mudding and especially those that played BBS Door games. This MUD also allows you to link/import your own pictures and sounds, which is not included. There are loads of free pictures and free sounds found on the web. The MUD is fully finished and fully programmed to automatically run your quests for you.Happy Hunting!

Жанры: Adventure, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Strategy
Поддерживыемые языки: English*
*languages with full audio support
Разработчики: Darren N Lory
Издатель: Darren N Lory
Поддерживаемые платформы: windows

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Will the casinos of the future be full of skill-based computer games?

These days the card tables and roulette wheels of conventional casinos hold little appeal for the under 40s, prompting the big houses of Las Vegas to turn to digital gaming as a way of luring millennials.


New post has been published on Melodic Rock AOR

Country: UK
Genre: Melodic Rock | Rock
Year: 1985-2015

1985 – Dangerous Music (Remastered 2010) – 01.00.24
01. Heartline
02. Spy
03. No News Is Good News
04. French Kisses
05. Stolen From My Heart
06. Shout
07. Showdown
08. Hit List
09. Shoot On Sight
10. Don’t Turn Away
11. Space Kadett
12. Heartline (2nd Version) (Bonus Track)
13. Spy (2nd Version) (Bonus Track)
14. No News Is Good News (2nd Version) (Bonus Track)
15. Heartline (Damgerous Mix) (Bonus Track)
16. Don’t Turn Away (Damgerous Mix) (Bonus Track)

2006 – Crying Diamonds – 00.59.26
01. Learn The Dance
02. Thanks For The Memories
03. Face To Face
04. Judy
05. What Goes Around Comes Around
06. Loving You
07. Cocoon
08. Flying
09. Haunted
10. Crying Diamonds
11. Kings Call
12. Things Have Got To Change
13. Yesterdays News
14. Roulette

2015 – Dangerous Music II – 01.02.07
01. Dangerous Music
02. Streetwise
03. I Believed In You
04. Heart To Heart
05. The American Way
06. Flying
07. Don’t Come Crying
08. Machine
09. Computer Games
10. Ace In My Hand
11. Stop
12. Tragedy
13. No More Mr Nice Guy
14. Chance Of A Lifetime
15. Mona Lisa Smile
16. Red For Danger
17. Johnny
Robin George Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Phil Lynott Bass
Chris Thompson Vocals
Kex Gorin Percussion
Peter Green Percussion, Keyboards
Dave Holland Percussion, Drums
Adrian Lee Synthesizer, Bass
Pino Palladino Bass
Philip Soussan Bass
Mark Stanway Piano