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Date: 2017-10-30 00:34

💉 Casino Pier (TPA/FA)
от ENYAWREKLAW (goo.gl/6kPMvx)

Fuji Apple (FA) - 4%
Caramel (FA) - 3%
Bavarian Cream (TPA) - 2%
Vienna Cream (FA) - 1.5%
Cotton Candy (TPA) - 1%
Cream Fresh (FA) - 0.5%

PG/VG: 30/70
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HVOB & Winston Marshall

18 months ago we got an email from winston marshall.
at first we thought it was fake and didn‘t answer.
some time later we went in the studio, and from the idea to produce one or two songs together, we produced an entire album: SILK.
this is an one-off project.
this is about bringing two worlds of music together.
this is against the thought that those two worlds can not work together, and we can‘t wait to present our new album to you.
April 11 Salzburg / Rockhouse
April 12 Zurich / Dynamo
April 14 Paris / Nouveau Casino
April 15 Amsterdam / DGTL Festival
April 16 Brussels / Ancienne Belgique
April 18 Hamburg / Übel & Gefährlich
April 20 Berlin / Astra (Upgraded Venue)
April 21 Vienna / Arena (Sold Out)
April 22 Brno / Fleda
April 23 Warsaw / Niebo
April 25 Prague / Roxy
April 26 Cologne / Live Music Hall (Upgraded Venue)
April 27 London / Oval Space
April 29 Budapest / Akvarium
April 30 Munich / Backstage Werk (Upgraded Venue)

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Отдых и оздоровление в Австрии. Тур «Очаровательный Баден»
Стоимость от 545 евро +авиаперелет!
В стоимость тура (наземное обслуживание) входит :
индивидуальный трансфер из аэропорта г. Вена в Баден
проживание 7 ночей в выбранном отеле
пакет услуг «Очаровательный Баден»:
-приветственный коктейль в отеле
-информационный час с русскоговорящим ассистентом
-прогулка по Бадену в сопровождении русскоговорящего гида
-билет на автобус или скоростной трамвай Wiener Lokalbahnen по маршруту Баден — Вена — Баден
-дневной билет (24 ч) на все линии экскурсионного автобуса HOP ON HOP OFF Vienna Sightseeing
-входной билет в музей Kaiserhaus Baden (бывшая летняя императорская резиденция)
-ваучер на посещение одной из винных таверн Бадена, вкл. дегустацию и бутылку вина, а также заказ еды/напитков на общую сумму 10 евро
великолепно иллюстрированный путеводитель-альбом по Бадену на русском языке
-входной билет на посещение городского термального комплекса Römertherme или термального бассейна Thermalstrandbad (с мая по сентябрь)
-ваучер на бокал игристого вина в Grand Casino Baden
-ваучер на бокал вина в винотеке Badener Hauervinothek
-VIP-карта города Баден
-иллюстрированный торговый путеводитель Бадена на русском языке
-иллюстрированный ресторанный гид Бадена на русском языке
медицинская страховка
Viber 0671060001


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Excerpts from the BBC documentary of Georg Solti recording "The Golden Ring" in the fall of 1964 in Vienna. I DO NOT wish to infringe upon any copyrights, and that is why I will not upload the entire program. As one who is interested in vintage recording techniques, I have instead created a shorter program focusing on the studio technology used to record the orchestra and singers. I do not know much of what is used here, although I believe I see Studer tape machines, and of course Scotch magnetic tape. I would love any input from viewers on what the equipment being used here, and I will amend this information accordingly, with, of course, proper credits to those who have identified the equipment seen. Again, NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!!! This program, and all content contained within it is the property of BBC, London/Decca Recording Group, and all other rightful copyright holders. I simply present this here for the enjoyment of old and new audio aficionados alike, and I hope that for that purpose, you truly enjoy it. If it needs to be taken down, I will remove it immediately, no questions asked, with my sincerest apologies for the offense, although I can assure you, none is intended. That being said, please enjoy!
*******Amendment information January 2013 - Neuman Microphones courtesy of studentjohn36********

*******Amendment information July 2013 - This information courtesy of David Kublbock*******

"The desk is build by WSW (Wiener Schwachstrom Werke) in Vienna for Decca London and installed in Sophiensäle, Vienna. The tape machines are Studer C37 and Studer J37. The amplifiers at 0:03 are WSW Germanium 811.xxx amplifiers for Line or Mic amplification. The recording hall is Sofiensäle in Vienna, the hall burnt down in 2001. We are running our studio CASINO BAUMGARTEN since the 50's and we have a WSW desk and the Studer tape machines running since 1965."