vk: Onboard Casinos by Ship | Celebrity Cruises

Date: 2017-09-11 15:38

I so happy to be in Monaco again and again📍🇲🇨🎯
What's your favorite city?
Dress @hey_you_look__ @ Casino de Monte-Carlo


O Rihanna-Rihanna, you really divine creation, the sacred wet nurse, whose air I live, you the unique creation in the world, which gives me the light of knowledge, cures my perishable body and facilitates my burden until the day of the universal resurrection, when own the God even the Lord Jesus Christ grant us eternal life and will open before us paradise gate, amen, in 1938 I was in the Kingdom of Monaco, frankly speaking, the nasty state, is felt a hand of the prince of Monaco - Antichrist, the squabbler and ribald, it seems people are dressed decently, but in from eyes there is no power of sacrament, they are empty, as if dolls burdened with cares, they go on city streets in search of one - delights, in hotel, where I stopped, were bugs and dirty towels, the maid appeared the real boor, be careful of local casinos, there me inflated for the large sum of money, simply ridiculously, I left from there in one pants and in socks without boots, them I beat out with fight, was necessary to sweat, at restaurant submitted me soup, and in it I found a cockroach, I conjure you, my mOmmy, quicker get out of this sodomy society, I strongly love you and I am afraid to lose forever, you make me feel, today I cried the whole night, after, in the morning, I had a constipation, it was necessary to give an enema, muah!