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Продолжая тему одежды делимся с вами еще одним заморским видео о том, как можно изготовить футболку из переработанных пластиковых бутылок♻


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Ever wonder 'bout what he's doing? How it all turned to lies? Sometimes i think that it's better to never ask why. Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame. Where there is a flame, someone's bound to get burned, but just because it burns doesn't mean you’re gonna die. You gotta get up and try, and try, and try.

Funny how the heart can be deceiving. More than just a couple times. Why do we fall in love so easy? Even when it’s not right. Ever worry that it might be ruined? Does it make you wanna cry? When you’re out there doin' what you're doin'.


Three things you should never break:

1. A person's trust
2. A promise you made
3. Someone's heart

Because once you do, it will never ever be the same no matter how much you try to make up for what you did.


Warming to make thunderstorms larger and more frequent

Summer thunderstorms in North America will likely be larger, wetter and more frequent in a warmer world, dumping 80 percent more rain in some areas and worsening flooding, a new study says.

Future storms will also be wilder, soaking entire cities and huge portions of states, according to a federally-funded study released Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change.

The U.S. in recent years has experienced prolonged drenchings that have doused Nashville in 2010, West Virginia and Louisiana in 2016 and Houston this year. The disasters cost about $20 billion a year in damage.

By the end of century if emissions aren’t curbed, these gully washers will be much worse because they will get bigger, said Andreas Prein, a climate scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, who led the study.

Prein and colleagues used high-resolution computer simulations to see how global warming will likely change the large thunderstorms that are already daily summer events in North America. Previous studies projected more frequent and wetter storms, but this is the first research to show they likely will be more widespread, covering an entire city instead of just half of it, Prein said.

“We see increases that are beyond our expectations ... far beyond our expectations,” Prein said. “It looks everything that can go wrong does go wrong concerning flooding.”

With the size of the storm factored in, the total amount of rain in the U.S. South is projected to jump 80 percent between now and the end of the century, Prein said. For Mexico, the increase in rainfall would be 70 percent and 60 percent in the U.S. Southwest. Canada and the rest of the U.S. should expect a 40 percent rain increase from current levels.

About half of those increases are from the storms being larger, Prein said. These types of storms include tropical storms, but most of the storms studied are average thunderstorms.

“You can really think about these storms as rivers that come from the skies,” Prein said. “The largest ones are several times the Mississippi River discharge.”

Victor Gensini, a meteorology professor at the Northern Illinois University who wasn’t part of the team, praised the study as new and exciting.



Você me inspirou...
Eu inspirei você?
Sim, sempre está on-line...
E sempre presto atenção aos minimos detalhes do quão perfeita és tú...
Voê me faz sentir o que achei que nunca mais sentiria...
E o que significa isso?

You inspired me.
I inspired you?
Yes, it's always online ...
And always pay attention to the detail of how perfect are you ...
You make me feel what I feel.
And what does that mean?


"Not really sure how to feel about it. Something in the way you move. Makes me feel like I can't live without you. It takes me all the way. I want you to stay."
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Предварительный план семинаров с расчетом на 2 занятия в неделю:

Новая институциональная экономика и новая экономическая социология
Коуз Р. (1937) Природа фирмы
Грановеттер М. (1985) Экономическое действие и социальная структура: проблема укорененности

Рынки и проблема порядка
Beckert J. (2009) The Social Order of Markets
ДиМаджио П., Пауэлл У. (1983) Новый взгляд на «железную клетку»:
институциональный изоморфизм и коллективная
рациональность в организационных полях

Акторно-сетевая теория (1): Экономика и экономисты
Callon M. (1998) Embeddedness of Economic Markets in Economics
Callon M., Muniesa F. (2005) Economic Markets as Calculative
Collective Devices

Акторно-сетевая теория (2): Капитализм и рынок у Латура
Latour B., Callon M. (1997) “Thou shall not calculate!” or How To
Symmetricalize Gift and Capital
Latour B. (2007) How to Think Like a State
Latour B. (2014) On Some Affects of Capitalism

Mitchell T. (2006) Rethinking Economy
Mukhopadhyay B. (2014) Taking Callon to Calcutta: did economist-administrators make market in the colony?
Kallthoff H. (2005) Practices of Calculation: Economic Representations and Risk Management

Все тексты доступны в документах группы


There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.


“Find someone who pays attention. Who runs their fingers over your every scar; and asks where each one came from. Find someone who knows how you like your coffee; what song makes you want to roll the windows down and slam on the gas pedal. Find someone who takes in your smallest details; who notices the things you thought no one ever would.
And then…when you find them…
Be their someone, too.”


дэвид соу пьюр просит убивать того мужика которого надо убить по плану

- The sooner we find him, the sooner I get to put the guy down.
- You mean Agent Orange.
- What's that?
- Well, you just said, "the guy." I wanna make sure you mean Agent Orange and not Colonel Bennett. Because that's not the plan.
- I know what the plan is, David.
- Because I'd hate for you to get confused. You know, you got Colonel Bennett standing in front of you. You hate the guy, you have a gun, your blood gets up. You know how it goes.


How To Design/Make A Website Without Any Coding Using Wordpress|| wordpress tutorials in telugu||Teluguandroidboys Part:1 https://youtu.be/a_ODNhAIUuM ...


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《 Lyrics Music 》📌

               ━━ ✦✧ Cɪʀϙᴜᴇ Wᴀʙɪ Sᴀʙɪ ✧✦
                   ↳ Act. Off. 💭

Is this fun for you?
I’m dying right now
If you’re gonna love
Do it right
No more of the me of the past
Now there is no man like that
Don’t misunderstand
You know what I mean, girl

Love is like that,
It’s all like that
Returning as much as I received from you
Just like back then,
Pain is only temporary
Because I used to be really happy

The winter of you
Is passing
The snow that covered my heart
Is melting
Your warm hands
Are cooling

Get off me, Get away from me
I hate it ‘cuz it’s dirty
Don’t touch me

Tears between the silences
But tears can’t make it right again
Got some friends to take me places
Lately I’m smiling more
‘Cause tears will never make it right again

Me in the black and white photo
My world that has spread black
I’m so tired, I’m so tired
Now I’m so sick of it
The colors of you that I see from time to time
It raises me up because
you’re the only one with your own color

Did I look easy? Did I seem pathetic?
Was it wrong that I loved you?
At least there are no regrets
That was how desperate I was

How can I be in your eyes
Even a dream so lonely
I’ll be here for you
Endlessly scattered
Please call me.

I’m lonely
A night that I’m the only lonely
Perhaps waiting without knowing
Why you have not called me yet?

Tell me that together
We are breathing
Your warmth your scent
I can still feel them

My heart is darker than the pitch black night

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Nine Muses - Dolls
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A person being taught the finer points of how to treat another human with dignity needs to learn just two words; BE KIND.

That’s it. That is pretty much all you need to do to live a life that impacts other people positively.

Being kind to people treats people with empathy, values their life and gives them respect and dignity.

Whether they are children or older, male or female, of whatever persuasion, orientation, race, origin or social standing, being kind is what matters most.

We’re all on this pale blue dot we call earth but once in all eternity, why not make the most of it, and help others to make the most of it too?

Why not be kind unto one another? No lengthy sermons are required, no sacrifice of your Sundays and no religious indoctrination is required to achieve this.

You may even give yourself a ten percent pay rise if you are one of those regularly giving to the church.

Be kind to one another, and if you can’t do that, then at least try not to detract from another human’s experience on earth.


Some people might ask why does it matter?

Why not let religion carry on and why should there be this interest from a forensic point of view to examine whether Christianity benefits humanity or not? Does it matter whether there is any credence to their stories or not?

It matters because religion is such a controlling force in so many countries. Most countries in the world have a political agenda driven at least in some part by religion but in many cases almost fully so. Many countries have religion so centered in the country that national laws are passed in accordance with morality determined by the religion, and not those determined by common reason and fairness.

There are Christian led governments in the world today where being gay is reason enough to be vilified and ostracized. Laws are passed that allow businesses to refuse service to gay people and anyone that the business owners may deem to be contrary to their religious views.

This is not how we progress as humanity. This is not the thinking that has allowed humanity, in the last 200 year alone, to abolish legal slavery in the first world, recognize women’s rights and recognize the humanity and right to existence of so many minority groups.

For a society to be led by religion in the determination of what is right and wrong is to risk our Descendance into a modern Dark Age.
Religious beliefs hinders the progress we can make in this world. Not only has it set us back a thousand years in science, according to Richard Carrier during the dark ages, but it continuously wishes to keep the human species as ignorant as it can. Why is this? Well it's what religions need to continue to survive. Things that are untrue/imaginary work this way


Now I wasted too much time trying to please you and I got so little from you in return .I finally won the battle that raged inside me and now my heart no longer is concerned .It’s never gonna be the same, because this wound I'm not gonna heal .I’m living in a hurricane, because that’s how you make me feel. You will never get me back again.




1. Hari - Ugly
2. CVLNRST - Barrier
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9. Nomyn Feat. CASHFORGOLD - Eternal
10. FLVKE - How Do You Feel It
11. Bimbotronic - Empty Space
12. KMADO - Years Ago
13. Klimeks - Eternally Yours
14. Rushkeys - Lullaby
15. Phelian - Elysium
16. wif - Fall To Your Knees
17. Honeyruin feat. SMITH - Home
18. Unknown - Unknown
19. Kareful - As She Cried
20. Alejo- When
21. Rare - Owe U
22. Funkonami - Kepler’s Lullaby
23. leggo - spoil you rotten remix 2


Download Now : http://writingsdepot.com/downloads/relevant-cost-and-its-effect/
1. What are relevant costs and how do they affect the financial statements? When looking at relevant costs how do sunk costs play a role in your decision making process?
2. Cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis is a key step in many decisions. CVP analysis involves specifying a model of the relations among the prices of products, the volume or level of activity, unit variable costs, total fixed costs, and the sales mix. This model is used to predict the impact on profits of changes in those parameters. Explain how changes in activity affect contribution margin and net operating income.
3. What is a responsibility center? What are the actual responsibility centers and how are they used to control costs?


This is a design drawing of swirls that make up a christmas tree. This is a little more decorative for the channel, but Its a fun type of drawing.


Julius: — Hey, look, you need to apologize to your mother.
Chris: — Why?
Julius: — Because she will make your life miserable. You know how many times I've been right and still had to apologize? 469,531 times. (...) Look, that's the #1 rule of living with women: nothing makes sense. When you learn this, then you'll finally understand what it is to be a man. Wrong or right, you still have to be sorry.

— Everybody Hates Chris (2005-2009)
4x19: Everybody Hates Back Talk


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9 сериалов, воспитывающих предпринимательский дух по версии Форбс.

1 «Джон Адамс» (John Adams)
2 «Как преуспеть в Америке» (How to Make It In America)
3 «Подпольная империя» (Boardwalk Empire)
4 «Милдред Пирс» (Mildred Pierce)
5 «Красавцы» (Entourage)
6 «Дэдвуд» (Deadwood)
7 «Жеребец» (Hung)
8 «Костюмы в законе» (Suits)
9 «Безумцы» (Mad Men)
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Suspicion - Недоверие

Cut right to the chase and
Не нужно больше тянуть,
Choose your words to make it
Подбери слова, чтобы
Clear to me
Прояснить все для меня.
You seem so heaven sent but
Кажется, ты послана небесами, но
Somehow I still invent the fear in me
Почему-то в душе возникает страх.
A lie is just a lie
Ложь – это просто ложь,
A cry is still a cry
А слезы останутся слезами.
The past becomes the crime
Все, что было в прошлом, превращается в преступленье
In my mind
В моих воспоминаниях.

How you've changed my heart
Во что ты превратило мое сердце?
Unchain my heart
Сними оковы с моего сердца.

Crippled cruel emotion
Намёка 1 на жестокосердие
Enough to make an ocean turn to green
Достаточно, чтобы вызвать зависть даже в океане.
The silliest of notions
Глупейшая из задумок -
Why Romeo took potion basically
Зачем, собственно, Ромео принял яд.
To be or not to be
Быть иль не быть,
To cheat or not to cheat
Изменить или хранить верность,
Believe or not believe
Верить или нет,
That you're mine
Что ты моя?

How you've changed my heart
Во что ты превратило мое сердце?
Unchain my heart
Сними оковы с моего сердца.

Anywhere you go
Можешь идти куда угодно,
All roads still lead to
Все дороги куда-то ведут.
It's harder than you know
Но знаешь, что сложнее?
To be led back to
Просто вернуться назад.

How you've changed my heart
Во что ты превратило мое сердце?
Unchain my heart
Сними оковы с моего сердца.


#DeepHouseMafia #djmexx #djsell #deep #deephouse #house #summer #2016 #royalmusic #этодипчик детка

DJ MEXX & DJ SELL - Deep Podcast 007 - Promo Mix
Стили: Deep House
Лейбл: Royal Music
Продолжительность: 01:17:28
BPM: 118 – 125
Размер: 177 Мб


NINA - Beyond Memory (Liam Keegan Nilesh Parmar Remix)
Andrey Kravtsov Kozyrev - But I Love It (Original Mix)
Cotry, Eldar Stuff - Born In 90s feat. Cotry (Original Mix).
Andrey Keyton, Sharapov Feat. Tinaya - I Want Your Soul (Original Mix).
Irina Rimes - Visele (Dj Dark MD.Dj Remix)
Gariy Hacker feat Brad Rock - What Can I Do (Original Mix).
Croatia Squad Lika Morgan - Make Your Move (Original Mix).
Mr. DJ Monj - F ck You (Original Mix).
Boogie Bitches - Shake Your Ass (Original Mix).
Ivan Roudyk - Make Love Not War (Original Mix).m
Andrey Exx Troitski - Back To The Roots (Original Mix).
SKLV - Be Yourself (Original Mix).
iLL BLU - So Deep (Extended Mix).
Croatia Squad - The D Machine (Clouded Judgement Remix).
Lisitsyn feat. SevenEver - How We Party (Cristian Poow Bass House Mix).
SKLV - HOOK (Original Mix).
Lick - Drop Draws (Original Mix).
Dustycloud - Blind (Original Mix).


#hentai #art #sex #art studiofow:

FLASH RELEASE: ZOEY - CUM HARVESTUnited States - Present DayThere’s not many good things to come out of the apocalypse, but she was one of them. The way she smiled, the way she moved her hips and the way she despatched hordes of undead without batting an eyelid. You’ve had a crush on Zoey from the moment you laid eyes on her during that fateful encounter in the alleyway two weeks ago. Since then you’ve been through hell and back together.When a cunning smoker grabbed you by the neck, she was there to cut you down. When a hunter had her pinned down, you hacked it off her with your trusty fireaxe. But you never quite knew if she felt the same way about you, if her thoughts were as debauched as yours…Until tonight. As she eases herself down to her knees in front of you and unzips her trademark red top, your heart is beating. Is this really happening? You want to pinch yourself just to make sure, but before you can, Zoey hungrily kisses the tip of your throbbing manhood.It’s really happening.——————–So here is the result of our first little experiment with flash to try and make something a little more interactive. The flash is still very much beta and we’re still tweaking and learning how to make it more streamlined and varied for future releases. But we think its a good starting step and you’ll be able to see what we’re aiming for with this new Flash lineup.A massive thank you to the supporters who made this possible, you’ve been absolutely first class throughout. We promised you guys something more interactive and now you can see we’re going in the right direction. Hopefully in the future if the fans like this style of product we’ll be able to be more creative, add more tempo variations, sounds, cumshots, and experiment with outfits. Big thanks also to Pixie who did Zoey’s voice and all the SFX!DONT FORGET TO SUPPORT OUR TEAM ON PATREON!Credits:Zoey - PixieWillowAnimator - YagskieScene - ClockworkBeastFlash Coding - RorschachProducer - DCCredits Image - UrbanatorModel by - RedMenace (he didnt want to be credited but we’re doing it anyway!)REQUIREMENTS: Latest flash playerPLAY IT AT NEWGROUNDS #gif, #гиф , gif, гиф, гифки, гифка, анимация, анимированные #animation


I sent my man to the store to get all ingredients I need to make pumpkin roll, this is how many times he called me, he is still not home, note to myself, do not send man to the store to buy baking ingredients


From Solving Equations to Deep Learning: A TensorFlow Python Tutorial

TensorFlow makes implementing deep learning on a production scale a breeze. However, understanding its core mechanisms and how dataflow graphs work is an essential step in leveraging the tool’s power. In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Oliver Holloway demonstrates how TensorFlow works by first solving a general numerical problem and then a deep learning problem.

#DeepLearning #Python #TensorFlow #ToptalBlog


Carpenter Effect

I'm a lil' bit confused, feeling filthy abused,
Simply ran outta fuel trynna get some approval,

And that's my duel between the fool despising rules
Of public ghouls who making lulz just to get cool
With eager eyes for the bigger prize for the wisest guys
And the finest crisis of a virus society compiles.
Of whats and whys, of whens and hows I've never really cared,
I got aboard, I went abroad borders undeclared,
And that's when all went wrong along, and I just couldn't dare
To make myself admit it was an error on a larger scale.

I got dead faces behind me, got dread places to mind,
Got fear spread in my mind, that's the wicked way I'm designed,
Oh and never knew how to act like whoever they wanna contact to,
I'm forever pretending cracking like one who can interacting,
I'm exactly the one you expecting reflecting the stuff you're collecting.

Now everybody can tell you what's wrong nowadays
Always speaking of sideways to modern mores,
Though nobody has faithful insight to convey,

Our leisure was Twitched, our looks were subscribed,
You don't know how to live? Just imagine it right.
We're the same chaos now, no one staying aside,
The past been erasing since year '95,
Do I have to put up with this vibe?
Oh, what a time to be alive.


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It’s the fourth anniversary of Euromaidan, and I’m thinking of its effects on Ukraine by thinking of my friends and former pupils. Most of my pupils have gone on to university, and more graduate every year. A surprising amount of them have found jobs in Ukraine in IT outsourcing, as the tech sector has begun to accelerate. Some of them went abroad to study or work, and most of those won’t come back; the work and life opportunities, for them if not for others, are still better elsewhere. One or two joined the military and went to the Donbas to fight the separatists, and at least one of them died there.
I think, keeping up with local news as best I can, this is not a bad microcosm view of what happened. It’d be unfair to say nothing changed for the better in the last four years. It’d also be ridiculous to say the country is fundamentally different from how it was under Yanukovych. Independent Ukraine inherited a lot of corruption and opacity from the Soviet Union. The corruption remained under Kravchuk, Kuchma, and Yushchenko. It got worse under Yanukovych’s rule in large part thanks to Paul Manafort’s aiding and abetting the theft of Ukraine’s foreign currency reserves.
But in the months that followed the first protests, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians of diverse ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations proved to themselves that this corruption was reversible. And while they’re not on the Maidan anymore, most of them are still in the country, while some are even in politics, trying to make the deaths of dozens of protesters and thousands of soldiers and civilians into a meaningful sacrifice. Ousting Yanukovych was a small victory for Ukrainians (including, I am proud to say, some of my friends and former pupils who were on the Maidan themselves), and with dedication and perseverance, I know they will accomplish greater ones.
Happy fourth anniversary, Euromaidan.
Слава України.


It's a reminder for you, my dear friend Rob Achterkamp. The past is gone, the present is our gift, our future uncertain.

You deserve happiness, you who usually lift your friends, you make good to us.

Thank you very much, don't forget for a second how worthy you are 😘😘💪💪💪!


I love you.
Now I imagine myself with you..
Now I'm thinking when we meet..
I'm how I'll hug you..
from everywhere..

I will kiss you, kiss your head, and kiss your hands..
I will kiss your lips so much..
I will kiss every hair in your head..
You are my love..

Svetlana, I swear to you that I love you so much,
But I'm angry with you

Do you know how I will hit you with my tongue?

I will not hit my soul
I will break my hand, if I try only thinking

If I have thousand heart
I will make them love you.


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a few days days ago I heard about death of one my dearest friend...
someone who I knew since when I was a child...
my classmates always made fun of me because I was fat without confidence and because of color of my skin...
but he always protected me,made me confident, always supported me and showed me the way of happiness...
he is now gone and all I have with me is his memory inside my mind...he was very smart...he always knew how to make me happy and show me the right way...
and now that he is gone I can feel the emptiness in my heart.. everywhere I look I can see his face...
but I know he is a good place and that makes me happy...


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Как дети принимают решения: How children make decisions:
Это еда? [èhta jidà] - Is this food?

да [da] - yes
смотреть на неё [smatrèt' na nijo] - look at it
бросать на пол [brasàt' nàpal] - throw on the floor
втирать себе в голову [ftiràt' sib'eh f gòlavu] - rub it into their head

нет [niet] - no
попробовать съесть [papròbavat' sjest'] - try to eat it




To truly love someone you must make them feel that they are the only person in the World for you; which is precisely why so few relationships last these days, given that the prevailing relationship zeitgeist in our modern times is polygyny and polyandry.



By John P. Mello Jr.
Nov 21, 2017 12:01 PM PT
Facebook on Tuesday raised the ante for messaging apps photo quality with the announcement of 4K support for Messenger.
"We're making significant investments in how people communicate visually on Messenger," wrote Facebook Messenger product managers Sean Kelly and Hagen Green in an online post. Starting Tuesday, "people can send and receive photos in Messenger at 4K resolution — or up to 4,096 x 4,096 pixels per image — the highest quality... ... Read the entire article at the source link...


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Процесс сотворения варгана от мастера Дмитрия Махциева 🔥⚒🗝🎶#варган #видеоваргана #Махциев@varganotvoretz


She say I'm a cry baby
I can't beat up lately
Girl you drive me crazy
AMG Mercedes
Speeding down the high way
Looking at the street lights
Geeking on a Friday
I can never sleep right

I know when I hurt you
I don't deserve you
I should've curve you
I know I'm the worse boo
But I can be cool too
And you got the dance moves
And I got this vibe
I swear its perfect to ride too
I wanna die too
We all want to die too
I got this vibe
I swear she loves to get high too
I love getting high too
I wanna hide you
How did I find you
I'll be inside, I'm making music to cry too

Oh its a lonely world
But I know
Gone get a lonely girl that's fo sho
Oh I'm a lonely boy she made a lonely boy
Yeah I know


🌱Ещё один способ для жизнеобеспечения в эстремальных условиях.
Ловушка для зайца. Как с законом подружиться, разберемся позже.
Сейчас смотрите видео. Всё просто. Это нужно знать. потому что весной в поле вышли, и как там жить без холодильника:)) Штраф есть за такой отлов, поэтому с законами будем разбираться.
Как вам такая ловушка? Может, наловить зайцев для разведения..? :))
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"This Is What It Feels Like"
(feat. Trevor Guthrie)

Nobody here knocking at my door
The sound of silence I can’t take anymore
Nobody ringing my telephone now
Oh how I miss such a beautiful sound

And I don’t even know how I survive
I won’t make it to the shore without your light
No I don’t even know if I’m alive
Oh, oh, oh without you now
This is what it feels like

Nothing to hold but the memories and frames
Oh they remind me of the battle I face
without your love, without you I drown
Somebody save me I’m going down

And I don’t even know how I survive
I won’t make it to the shore without your light
No I don’t even know if I’m alive
Oh, oh, oh without you now
This is what it feels like

[Боже, остановите поток моих слёз]


Motivation...Such an interesting word. I think that is exactly the thing we all need most of all. There are so much opportunities for us, which we just don’t pay enough attention on and don’t use them properly. And what are the reasons for it? Maybe some our disadvantages, some weak points. But we are the masters of our lives and we should to overcome all the obstacles, no matter how difficult they are! So just stop crying and annoying everybody around! It’s your life! It’s time to be moving! Make things happen!


#tbtf_electronic #tbtf_rap

I know when I hurt you
I don't deserve you
I should've curve you
I know I'm the worse boo
But I can be cool too
And you got the dance moves
And I got this vibe
I swear its perfect to ride too
I wanna die too
We all want to die too
I got this vibe
I swear she loves to get high too
I love getting high too
I wanna hide you
How did I find you
I'll be inside, I'm making music to cry too


#Food, #MashedPotatoes #Food

Perfect Mashed Potatoes for Thanksgiving

Here’s our recipe for how to make the best mashed potatoes, with recommendations for potato type, dairy additions, and mashing methods.


3pounds Yukon gold or red potatoes, peeled (if desired) and cut into 2-inch pieces (9 medium)
1/4cup butter
1teaspoon salt



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Кулинарное путешествие: разнообразим повседневное меню блюдами народов мира!
Коллекция видеорецептов из разных уголков света: сохраняйте к себе, чтобы не потерять ;)

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Тако | Мексиканская кухня
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Долма | Тюркская кухня
Кофе по-саудовски | Арабская кухня

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