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Locally Dense Fog Expected Tonight Into Wednesday Morning...

Areas of fog have developed across portions of Central Georgia
with the most restricted visibility across southeast portions
where dense fog has developed. Coverage of dense fog will increase
with time during the overnight period and conditions will be
monitored for possible dense fog advisory. Motorists are urged to
slow down and increase following distance through Wednesday
morning as localized visibility drops to as low as a quarter of a


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In the current moment, the United States is a nation of poetry readers. Kind of.
At time of writing, four of the 15 best-selling books on Amazon US are poetry volumes, ish. Three are by Instagram poets, and the fourth is a parody of them, which, somehow, is also based on Vines.
Here’s where t...


Is this mural depicting a fusion between the Diamonds?! It resembles the murals on the moon base and also has two aligned chest gems…

And White’s forehead gem. That’s definitely the fusion for the three remaining diamonds.

What are they holding, though? That hole reminds me of this thing:

Some people are saying that’s not White’s gem. I’m hesitant to believe it’s anything but that, even if it’s not the correct shape for her gem (a triangle rather than a diamond.)

It’s more likely that the artist just drew the mural wrong in this one little spot, since the Diamond Authority symbol does not have a triangle in its center quite like this, and this mural gives off a vibe of Three. Three sets of arms, three triangles within the head. Three diamonds, presumably, holding a weapon?

We know Pink wouldn’t be in this fusion. The hole there, that void, is where Pink should’ve been.

I’m assuming that sphere is their corruption bomb.



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13 лет назад вышел сборник Кайли Миноуг ULTIMATE KYLIE.

—> Ultimate Kylie, в отличие от двух предыдущих сборников Greatest Hits (1992) и Hits+ (2000), содержит синглы, выпущенные во время сотрудничества Кайли с лейблами PWL (1987-1992), Deconstruction (1993-1998) и Parlophone Records (2000-...). Реклама альбома утверждала, что сборник содержит все синглы Кайли, выпущенные в Великобритании, однако это не так. Туда не вошли It's No Secret, Word Is Out, If You Were With Me Now, Finer Feelings, What Kind Of Fool (Heard All That Before), Where Is The Feeling? и Some Kind Of Bliss. Это было сделано для того, чтобы оставить место для релизов Parlophone.
—> Специально для релиза Ultimate Kylie были написаны I Believe In You и Giving You Up, выпущенные в качестве синглов. Другие песни, не вошедшие на Body Language, также планировали включить в сборник, однако только B.P.M. стал би-сайдом I Believe In You. Give Me A Reason и I'm Fascinated, написанные Кайли и BiffCo, и I Put А Spell Оn You остались неизданными. После релиза альбома в интернет были выложены Loving You, написанная Кайли и Xenomania, и (Everything) I Know, написанная в сотрудничестве с Scissor Sisters.
—> Японское издание сборника включает три бонус-трека: Turn It Into Love, Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head и Slow (Chemical Brothers Remix). DVD был выпущен под тем же названием и содержал все видеоклипы песен с CD, за исключением Giving You Up, который в то время не был снят. Он также включает бонусы: выступление Кайли на BRIT Awards 2002 Can't Get Blue Monday Out Оf My Head и клип I Believe In You.
—> В октябре 2006 г. сборник был дополнен и переиздан в Австралии как Showgirl Tour Special Edition. Переиздание содержит 2 CD и 1 DVD, до этого реализуемые отдельно.
—> Сборник получил положительные отзывы музыкальных критиков. В 2007 г. The Guardian включил альбом в список "1000 альбомов, которые вы должны услышать перед смертью".
—> В поддержку сборника в 2005 г. прошел Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour и 2006-2007 гг. - Showgirl: The Homecoming Tour.
—> Сборник получил 4-платиновую сертификацию в Австралии, 3-платиновые в Великобритании и Ирландии, платиновую в Бельгии, золотые в Австрии и Испании.
—> Мировые продажи Ultimate Kylie превысили 3 млн копий.


ARGH!!! This has been goin' for almost 3 days now... Why is adobe bein' SO difficult in forcin' upgrades!!! Not cool!!! Oh well... The work's GOT TO GET DONE, so!!! Off tofind another solution for these videos to still be released. Where's my COFFEE?!?!?!


We continue to discover the Scottish uniqueness)
And today it will be Glasgow cathedral and necropolis.

Built in the 12th century, the Glasgow Cathedral (also called the High Kirk of Glasgow or St Mungo’s Cathedral) is one of the prime landmarks of Scotland´s largest city. Next, to the cathedral, there is the Glasgow necropolis where over 50,000 people have been buried.

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#Opinions What are some body language hacks?

The secret is in people’s feet.

People are aware of what their face and hands are doing, but rarely are we truly aware of what our feet are doing - where they’re pointing, how wide apart they are, are they crossed, etc.

Often you can put on a fake smile and shake hands, but your feet can give you away.

Evolutionarily speaking, feet evolved to move us to and from places. For us to catch food or for us to escape from predators. And subliminally, in many social situations, the direction our feet are oriented in shows our commitment to being involved in or going away from a conversation.

The pointing foot

You’re at a party and go up to talk to someone. Notice their feet. If their dominant foot (usually right) is pointed towards you, they’re engaged and want to keep conversing.

If it’s pointing away, they want to leave. You are not the focus of their attention, they have somewhere else to be, or they want to go to the bathroom.

It’s fun to notice others’ conversations. When people are totally interested in each other, you will see their feet pointing at each other. When only one person is interested, you’ll just see their feet pointed at the other person.

Crossed legs

Open legs show openness and dominance, but crossed legs are a sign of insecurity or being uncomfortable. It’s a closed, defensive position - symbolically you’re denying access to your pelvic area.

In a group of people who are just starting to meet each other, you’ll notice that their arms and legs might be crossed, but as they get to know each other they’ll move closer together and ‘open up’.

These are just a couple ways of how just being slightly aware of your feet and those of people around you can make you more socially understanding in groups.


Most of all I don't like anime sharp dynamics and "adult" themes, violence, blood and naked girls. In the anime, all sharply and rapidly, and the constant flashes and screams are very tiring. I'm used to steady the picture, where the colors are more natural, and motion is made smoother. It is for these reasons I do not recommend to watch the anime. But in my entire life I only watched one anime called Naruto shippuuden.


Where Dressing Like Royalty Is The Only Option. .....
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Forex Heat Map
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of the entire market on a single chart.
You'll get a preview

of the entire market on a single chart.


[id220164267|Исмаил], вступил в группу с инглиш мемами
Сам не знаешь английский.
Where is the FACKING logic?


Сегодня у меня день Коронации 👑
Coronation cirquecolors - это, конечно, гениальный ход пиара Цирков создать такой ажиотаж вокруг лака, пусть и красивого, но 😅 Признавайтесь, уже купили?
Моя 👑 из магазина naillandhungary, где ее уже нет, к сожалению 😒 На фото два слоя плюс топ и мне она нравится больше Ковена 🙈
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Today is the day of Coronation by cirquecolors from naillandhungary where it’s sold out already 😒 But the rest five polishes from the Holiday Collection is available on nailland.hu 👈🏻 and my review of them will be up on the blog tomorrow ☺️ Here two coats plus tc and videoswatch is coming soon 😍🔮 Swipe left for more photos 👈🏻👑
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Местоимение «It» заменяет все неодушевленные предметы, а также животных:
Where is the book? It is on the table. – Где книга? Она на столе.
My cat is very funny. It run and jump all day long. – Мой кот очень смешной. Он бегает и прыгает весь день.
К глаголам, которые стоят после местоимений «He», «She» и «It», в настоящем времени добавляем окончание «-s» либо «-es» после окончаний -ch, -x, -sh, -ss, -s, -o:
He loves me. – Он любит меня.
She opens the windows every morning. – Она открывает окна каждое утро.
The dog likes to bark. – Этой собаке нравится лаять.

Местоимение «it» имеет 3 важные функции:
- используется для замены названий всех предметов, животных и любых других одушевленных или неодушевленных явлений. Короче говоря всего, кроме людей!
- означает либо переводится как «это»:
It is very interesting – Это очень интересно.
It’s Mike. Open the door! – Это Майк. Открой дверь!
It’s her new style. – Это её новый стиль.
Who is it? – Кто это?
- вообще никак не переводиться, а используется просто для того чтобы сказать о погоде, времени, состоянии и т.п. Example:
It is frost – мороз (на улице).
It is bright day – замечательный день.
It will be windy – Будет ветряно.
It’s 5 o’clock – пять часов
It’s was cool – Было круто.
It will be very funny – Будет очень весело.

Абсолютные местоимения:
mine – мой, моя
yours – твой, ваше
ours – наше
theirs – их
his – его
hers – её
its – его, её
Did you see my keys? – No, I didn’t. But mine is here. (mine вместо my keys)
Ты видел мои ключи? – Нет, но мои здесь.
Yours tables are smaller than theirs. (theirs вместо their tables)
Ваши столы меньше чем у них.


Mads about dealing with fame: — "I can generally go where I like, and long ago I decided with my wife that I didn't want to disrupt our children's lives by moving to Los Angeles. But I always loved visiting Toronto, and one of the reasons I was anxious to do Hannibal was not only because it was such a rich and beautifully written character, but also it was a chance for me and my family to live somewhere else for a change. As long as I get to work regularly, I'm a pretty happy guy."

Eva Green about working with him: — "It is very funny because when I did the Bond film I was very intimidated by him, but he's great. He's very intense, very in love with this work and he communicates so easily, you know, also with his eyes. Because it's not much dialogs actually in this film [The Salvation], it's really an atmosphere mood. And he's also very funny guy. You know, he does always very intense serious features and actually he's one of the funniest guy I ever met."

— Happy 52nd birthday, Mads Dittmann Mikkelsen!


Autumnal views from the library, where it is so warm and quiet and I am daydreaming about all the people that have been lived in this neighbourhood


I've always wanted to get as far as possible from the place where I was born. Far both geographically and spiritually. To leave it behind...I feel that life is very short and the world is there to see and one should know as much about it as possible. One belongs to the whole world, not just one part of it...❤️


Сегодня прочитал текст песни Black Eyed Peas - Where is the love. А это, на минуточку, 2003 год. особо то никогда и не вслушивался, ну типа мама что с миром не так, где любовь, и остальное бла-бла.
Дак вот, спустя 14 лет все то, о чем они спели, еще хуже только стало.

Я не святоша, но, емае, мне кажется в современной жизни уровень срани, толерантности и всякого либерализма только растет с каждым днем, к сожалению.

Нам дают другие ценности - говорят: хапайте деньги, на*бывайте друзей и соседей, стремитесь к вершинам забивая на всех вокруг, поживите для себя и своей семьи - на остальных насрите, станьте геями и би - это модно, делайте тату - это круто, употребляйте наркоту - это отрывно, сливайте деньги - живешь лишь однажды.

А мы на самом деле можем не просто это игнорить и думать мол люди сами себе хозяева, но и остановить других в шаге от всего этого говна. Не забивайте на людей вокруг, мы можем поменять жизнь, пусть нам это и не позволяют.

А текст песенки все же почитайте, ссылку прикрутил

берегите любовь!

#современность #напутствие #новоепоколение #ценности #жизнь #правда #суроваяреальность



Must have для профессионалов: Энциклопедия языка и лингвистики. Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics (2nd edition)- first published in 1994, with a 2nd edition in 2006, is an encyclopedia of all matters related to language and linguistics. The Journal of Linguistics described it as "the definitive and indispensable scholarly reference publication, on all branches of linguistics for any library where linguistics is taken seriously." The second edition has 11,000 pages and 3,000 articles in 14 volumes.
А также Энциклопедия философии языка и лингвистики - Concise Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Language and Linguistics


Must have для профессионалов: Энциклопедия языка и лингвистики. Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics (2nd edition)- first published in 1994, with a 2nd edition in 2006, is an encyclopedia of all matters related to language and linguistics. The Journal of Linguistics described it as "the definitive and indispensable scholarly reference publication, on all branches of linguistics for any library where linguistics is taken seriously." The second edition has 11,000 pages and 3,000 articles in 14 volumes.
А также Энциклопедия философии языка и лингвистики - Concise Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Language and Linguistics

Коллекция всех пособий от [club36775085|Визуального английского]


1. When pigs fly — После дождичка в четверг

2. To eat one’s word — Брать свои слова обратно

3. Break a leg! — Ни пуха, ни пера!

4. The apple of one’s eye — Души не чаять в ком-то, беречь как зеницу ока

5. To feel it in one’s bones — Интуитивно чувствовать что-то

6. Against the clock — К установленному сроку

7. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours — Быть в сговоре

8. Walk a mile in my shoes — Представь себя на моем месте

9. To cost an arm and a leg — Стоить очень дорого

10. To count chickens before they hatch — Рассчитывать на что-либо раньше времени

11. It’s raining cats and dogs — Льет как из ведра

12. Rat race — Бешеная погоня за успехом, деньгами

13. In a nutshell… — Если кратко, то…

14. The grass is always greener on the other side (of the fence) — Хорошо там, где нас нет

15. Quick and dirty — Дешево и сердито

16. Shake a leg! —Шевелись!

17. It is not my cup of tea — Мне это не нравится; это не мое

18. Curiosity killed the cat — Любопытной Варваре на базаре нос оторвали

19. To take the cake — Превзойти всех (в хорошем или плохом смысле)

20. A leopard cannot change its spots — Горбатого могила исправит

21. Blood, sweat, and tears — Напряжённая работа

22. Pushing the envelope — Быть новатором, предложить что-то новое

23. Save your breath — Cохрани силы (не спорь)

24. To know where the bodies are buried — Знать, где собака порылась

25. Miss the boat — Поезд ушел




Фразы для городской навигации:

Где находится … ? - Where is … ?
Это далеко? - Is it far?
Это рядом? - Is it near?
Идите … - Go …
Поверните … - Turn …
Идите туда - - Go that way
Идите прямо Go straight ahead
Идите назад - Go back
Поверните налево - Turn left
Поверните направо - Turn right
Развернитесь - Turn around
Улица - The street
В конце улицы - At the end of the street
Первый поворот налево - The first left
На углу - On the corner
Второй поворот направо - The second right
Рядом с … - Next to …
Гостиница - The hotel
Парк - The park
Светофор - The traffic light
Автобусная остановка - The bus stop
Перекресток - The intersection
Станция метро - The subway station


Фразы по теме "В городе"

Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to ...? - Извините, могу я у Вас спросить, как мне пройти к ...?
Am I right for ...? - Я иду по направлению к ...?
Which way is it to ...? - Как пройти к ...?
I've lost my way. - Я заблудился.
You're going in the wrong direction. - Вы идете неправильно.
I'm afraid, I've no idea. - Боюсь, что я не знаю.
Which is the shortest way? - Как пройти самым коротким путем?
How far do you think it is? - Как далеко это, на ваш взгляд?
It's a very long way from here. - Это очень далеко отсюда.
It's over two miles, I think. - Я полагаю, что это не менее двух миль.
Which is the best way to get there? - Как лучше всего туда добраться?
What bus must I take? - На какой автобус я должен сесть?
Let me show you the way to the bus stop. - Давайте я провожу Вас до автобусной остановки.
What's the name of this street? - Как называется эта улица?
Where's the bus stop, please? - Скажите пожалуйста, где находится остановка автобуса?
Does number 10 stop here? - Десятый автобус здесь останавливается?
Which bus must I take to ...? - На каком автобусе я мог бы добраться до ...?
How often do buses run from here? - Как часто здесь ходят автобусы?


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BULLPEN = open space - открытое пространство, общее рабочее пространство, не разделённое на отдельные кабинеты

A slang term used in different office buildings to describe a workspace filled with desks, rather than separating walls. In a brokerage house, younger brokers are typically in the bullpen, and experienced brokers and advisors have their own offices.

An open work area not divided into offices

An open bullpen office is a set up where employees work in an open floor with no offices or partitions separating them. This layout is common in traditional newsrooms and detective offices, though some public and government offices use it as well.


Леди и джентельмены, мой новый сингл в двух частях. Для фанатов Born of Osiris, Make them Suffer и Breakdown of Sanity.

Pray For Me, Bitch. Part 1

How long you've been faithful to yourself?
How long you've been lying?
I'm counting the stars by myself,
You're not even trying

I disagree!
I disagree with all the shit that you say

Who's your god?
Where is your pride?
Gimme your blood,
I'll give you a ride

How long you've been faithful to yourself?
How long you've been lying?
I'm counting the stars by myself,
You're not even trying

Hold your cross
And keep your fuckin rosemary

You've always been waiting for someone to pray for?
Someone who cares?
I've always been there
Ready to bless you,
But you never prayed for

Just keep your mouth shut
And let's pretend that's glitch
You just a fuckin glut,
Would you pray for me?

Pray for me, bitch!

Pray For Me, Bitch. Part 2

This place is fuckin dead!

Welcome to the forest of damned,
Where flowers and trees never bloom,
Welcome to the lands of forsaken,
Where ashes and dreams always fall

I don't know how you still relying on heaven,
I gonna show you the proof,
I gonna show you how the man becomes demon
Because it's so fuckin good
Fuckin good!

It's so fuckin good...

I gonna take, gonna break you slowly,
I am the venom of your faith.
You are weak, you can't speak before me,
I'll make you bow and pray.
All this time
You never prayed for me

You never prayed for me

You think this is just a nightmare,
You will never wake up

There's note at the gates of dead lands:
"Abandon all the hope",
No more love, no more joy,
No close friends,
Everything is dead and gone

All this time
You never prayed for me,
You never prayed for me!



Повторите, пожалуйста. — Say it one more time, please
Пожалуйста, говорите немного медленнее. — Please speak more slowly.
Простите. — I beg your pardon.
Напишите это здесь, пожалуйста. — Please write it here.
Пожалуйста, поторопитесь. — Please hurry up.
Пойдемте со мной! — Come with me!
Пожалуйста, вызовите врача. — Please call a doctor.
Не одолжите...? — Can you lend me...?
Сделайте одолжение. — Will you do me a favor?
Можно взглянуть? — May I take a look at it?
Можно одолжить Вашу ручку? — Can I borrow your pen?
Помогите донести, пожалуйста. — Would you please help me carry this?
Пожалуйста, помогите мне с этими пакетами. — Could you give me a hand with these parcels?
Не отправите ли за меня письмо? — Will you please mail this letter for me?
Помогите мне с этой проблемой. — Will you help me with this problem?
Можно узнать Ваш адрес? — May I have your address?
Не подбросите до центра? — Could you drop me downtown, please?
Что это? — What's this?
Что это значит? — What does this mean?
Где туалет? — Where is the restroom?
Почему бы и нет? — Why not?
Чем скорее, тем лучше. — The sooner the better.

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Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK)
Одни из моих любимых канадцев. Группе 20 лет, но узнала я о них в 2014 году. Хорошее звучание, отличные тексты. Этим они меня и зацепили.

9 студийных альбомов, 1 лайв альбом.
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I dont know what is happening to me right now.
Why am I so hard on myself? I need to learn to let go and actually relax for a bit. I am doing just fine. It was a single assignment. Yes, I fucked up, not gonna sugarcoat anything for you. Yes, I was sleep-deprived. Yes, I didn't put my best foot forward. I need to get some work done right now.
I need to be productive, I need to be a better person than this. I need to manage my money more carefully. I need to be able to finance myself. I want to cultivate my female energy. I want to be loved and it looks good on me. I have moved on. I really have. Time does heal, God, who knew? Today I'm sitting here and I'm happy. My heart is filled with the abundance of gratitude and joy towards my life. I want to rise above everything. I have my basic needs fulfilled. I know where to go and how to get there. I put my trust in the Universe and I believe it. Life is so wonderful and I am ever thankful for all the experiences, for all the pain, for all the happiness and joy that overwhelms me when I realise how lucky I am, how happy, peaceful and loving I am. I want to give and address my love to the world. Thank you, today my heart is beating with immense appreciation and love. When did I lose who I am? This little girl inside me? When did all those insecurities grow on me like a plague? When did I start feeling inferior? Or helpless? When did I let others define me? The close ones? I am me. I am happy and all I wish is for the world to be happy. For people to stay enlightened, for all living beings to put more trust in their soul and go wherever the heart tells them to. I hope they won't forget to take their minds with them. How much easier it is to let everything flow on the blogpost? You don't have to keep record of every arising detail and you can actually finally feel free. I needed this. I will do great in life. I will be successful. But most importantly, I will be happy. Because I am the only one responsible for bringing this to life. Facing death, making every journey joyful is the least that I can do. Thank you, God bless you.


NYT Op-Ed: “My country, Serbia, has become an unwilling laboratory for Facebook’s experiments on user behavior — and the independent, nonprofit investigative journalism organization where I am the editor in chief is one of the unfortunate lab rats.” https://i.cryptoa.us/2jJWq0p


Captivating Website Design
We firmly believe that a two dimensional website on it’s own is a like an 8-Track tape, or just like a fax machine. The times where you can have a static booklet type of website are getting harder to locate. If your competition chooses to create a website that is...


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🚕 Полезные фразы при путешествии на машине:

Which road should we take? - По какой дороге нам поехать?
Will you show me on the map? - Покажите на карте.
How can I drive to ....? - Как мне проехать до....?
How many miles is it to ....? - Сколько миль до ....?
I need a map of highways. - Мне нужна карта шоссейных дорог.
Where are we now? - Где мы находимся?
Is there a speed limit? - Здесь есть ограничение скорости?
Where can we park? - Где можно припарковаться?
Where is a filling station? - Где находится бензоколонка?
Fill it up 5 gallons of petrol. - Заправьте 5 галлонов бензина.
I need oil. - Мне нужно масло.
Change the oil. - Смените масло.
We need a mechanic. - Нам нужен механик.

🚗 Прокат автомобиля:

Я могу взять напрокат машину? - Can I rent a car?
Какие документы мне нужно иметь с собой? - What papers do I need with me?
Вот мои международные водительские права. - This is my international driving permit (license).
Я хотел бы взять эту машину напрокат на два дня. - I'd like to rent this car for two days.
Сколько это стоит в неделю (в день)? - What does it cost per week (day)?
Цена включает страховку? - Does the price include insurance?
Мне нужно оставлять залог? - Do I need to pay a deposit?
Куда я могу позвонить, если что-нибудь случится? - Please give me some numbers to call in case of trouble.
Покажите мне расценки, пожалуйста. - Show me a list of your rates, please.
Сколько нужно платить за дополнительный пробег? - How much does it cost for additional kilometers?
Я могу оставить машину в месте назначения? - May I drop the car off at destination?
Где я могу вернуть ее? - Where can I return it?
Пожалуйста, пошлите машину к моей гостинице завтра утром. - Please send a car to my hotel tomorrow morning.
Я хочу подать заявление на возмещение ущерба по автомобильной страховке. - I'd like to make a car insurance claim.
Заполните это, пожалуйста. - Please fill it out.


Every morning I bring my kids to the school bus and than go to the roof to watch that place where the day is starting. All the time I think how fast my life is changing...


Been doing a lot of this lately, and I’m super thankful about it 💜 Even though I don’t even know what day it is, and we’re on the road quite a lot, I have experienced some amazing things in the last couple weeks! Japan is unbelievable 🙌🏽Sorry for the lack of updates, I plan to get my 2nd vlog out as soon as I can get a moment to upload my footage from my last road trip. Got some gems for y’all 🤗

Oh yea, and I forgot it’s my birthday on Saturday?! Where does the time go? 🙈
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8*8CM Panty Dropper Car Sticker Decals Fun Cartoon Motorcycle Decals Car Styling C2-0353
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ScarJo about her career: — "I just don't want to be typecast. I was very fortunate when I was a bit younger to play characters who were very much in transition in their life – and I was as well being a young woman. But I feel I'm moving into a phase where I think I'll be playing perhaps more dynamic character, grown women. I think it's the way it goes."

Scarlett about working with Sofia Coppola on Lost in Translation: — "Working with Sofia, watching her take this idea and turn it into something that we were making not that long after was inspiring. You don't have to run the circuit for five or seven years before you get your film done if you're passionate and with the right strings to pull, fortunately I'm in that position where hopefully it won't be quite so hard. Whereas coming right out of college, coming out of some screenwriting program and trying to get your screenplay made is a totally different experience. So, that's very inspiring."

— Happy 33rd birthday, Scarlett Ingrid Johansson!


Memory is the only place where love stories live forever

A film by Carlos Lascano

La memoria es el único lugar en donde las historias de amor viven para siempre

Un film de carloslascano

A mis ojos, una gran película 🎥


Просто - Классный альбом! Слушается на одном дыхании. Как говорит сам Тёрнер, так должен звучать, современный Хард-рок.


(Bloomberg) —Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai will take a big step toward his goal of voiding Obama-era net neutrality regulations Tuesday when he submits his plan to the rest of the commission for a vote.
But the expected adoption of the plan by his fellow Republicans on the commission next month won’t end a debate that’s roiled the tech world for years. Aggrieved parties will try to save the regulations in federal court, where judges will decide whether the agency...
Read the entire article at the source link... Bloomberg


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Have a song I wrote when high and sad

Everything's rearranging all around me
I just need you to stay strong.
Even in my weakness,
Maybe i should speak less,
So i can hear you when I'm wrong.

Cause when the lights go down and the people in their seats fade out, are you still here with me?
When my eyes start to see the ways of the wicked and greedy, will you remind me of what I'm here to be?

I just need you to hold on
Can you give me a revelation?
Cause it gets a little hazy
When you're swimming in the warers of tribulation.
I've got a lot of voices telling me where I shpuld and shouldn't be-
Need all my stipulations to help me keep breathing in a world like a preservation, it's got me questioning my motivations- the hands in the air start to drop

I need to know if you're still here with me,
When my eyes start to see the ways of the wicked and greedy
In this industry will you remind me of what I'm here to be
I just need you to hold on

Cause i could never be more sure that I'm right where you want me
I tend to want it all at once, cause patience is a rarity
When a plant begins to grow we sometimes forget that it starts as just a seed.

I just need you too hold on, I'm going over the edge
I just need you to hold on
I feel like I'm on my last breath...

I just need you to hold on...


I know that where the time difference is 4 hours least,so I sent a message for you when you're wake up, I've little bitter wordless be cause as you said that ,but also I felt a sense of absurd .If we can fight for it,so that is beautiful Fairy tale. but give it up there just a broken plans.if there has no hope why are we not leave it alone to turns a new environment? what's why? It's so difficult to make up a decision for a beautiful future? I'm Be confident about technique & capability on my work,I can give she a new life,a new happiness that haven't ever got,a last forever love never give up, I know the distant is so faraway of us which what I can do & what's I can't ,this is love, not a game. we are can't afford to play.


DIVINECB NEWS ♡ Connie on the Instagram:

"Today is my friend Cory's birthday. For his birthday he decided to travel to Bangladesh to bring aid to the Rohingya people who have fled the apartheid and ethnic cleansing that is being perpetrated against them in their country of Myanmar. He will spend his birthday and Thanksgiving in the refugee camps working to directly get them desperately needed aid, as well as photographing and documenting what is happening there in hopes that the world will respond, and that Myanmar will turn around its horrific practices against these people. In his time there so far, Cory found that 30% of the people in the camp are under the age of 5.
I am grateful to Cory for going where I can't right now, and I'm doing all I can to help him bring aid to these folks. If you're moved to help, go to the link in my bio for his Go Fund Me page. Any donation means you are doing something too, even though you can't be there! And you're wishing Cory the best happy birthday imaginable.
Happy birthday my beautiful brave generous friend Cory."

#ConnieBritton #Cory #DivineCB #DivineConnieBritton