vk: Omg fortune free slots

Date: 2017-10-27 12:50

OMG !!! she used the caps lock.now she's mad.I must be scared.need to find a egg shell to hide. :D :D just look at your comment & see how many times u told " u dont know me ". thats clearly a give away that you such kind of person who blame others & socity when ever they tell u something. high horse ? fuck yeah i m on a high horse.but,aint like yours,who's bitching about everything & blaming others. two people having argivement ? wow.. for real ? is this what you call a argivement.this just show you even not matured enought to your age.I dont have to judge you. all i m saying is you dont have fucking balls to put a pic.now u will say i m a girl.i dont have balls.bitch you dont have class or guts.for fucks sake.. YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN ANYONE. you just someone whos dont even accept yourself.now u will be " oh again u r asuming " bitch i aint asuming shit. da fuck you talkign about worth ? jeezz.. aint ya literalty living in a fantasy. where you have imginary frieds.coz u dont have any in real life.you attention seeking piece of shit. you really amuse me. I hate circus,they should really let those poor animals free & let you talk about yourself.trust me you will make a fortune. IS THIS ORIGINAL ENOUGH FOR YOU BITCH ????