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Date: 2017-10-27 05:22

👷‍♀️ I want to be... (worksheets)

🎤 Song "What Do You Want To Be?". There are 24 different jobs to learn in this song: firefighter, writer, dentist, doctor, chemist, punk rocker (musician), diplomat, teacher, policeman (police officer), public speaker, nurse, hearse driver, nurse, engineer, pilot, actor, waiter, banker, soccer player, news anchor, robotics engineer, astronaut, gamer, lawyer, judge, and chef!

• LYRICS: What do you wanna be when you’re older?
When you’re big and a little bit bolder
What do you want to be ya?
• Maybe you wanna be a fire fighter,
maybe you wanna be a writer,
Just believe in yourself, oh yah yah
• Maybe, you wanna be a dentist or a doctor
maybe you wanna be a chemist or a punk rocker
• Maybe, you wanna be a diplomat or teacher
maybe you wanna be a police man or public speaker
• What do you wanna be when you’re older?
When you're wise and a little bit bolder
What do you want to be?
• Maybe you wanna be a nurse,
maybe you wanna be a drive a hearse
Just believe in yourself, oh yah yah
• Maybe, you wanna be an engineer or pilot
Maybe you wanna be an actor, just go on and try it!
• Maybe, you wanna be a waiter or a banker
Maybe you wanna be a soccer player or news anchor
• Maybe, you wanna build some really cool robots
Maybe you wanna be in space just like the astronauts
• Maybe, you wanna play computer games all day
Just don’t forget to get some exercise and watch your weight
• Maybe, you want to be a lawyer or a judge
Maybe you wanna make some goodies like this chocolate fudge
• What do you wanna be when you’re older?
When you’re big and a little bit bolder
What do you want to be be?


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"Best stock market game I've played (and I used to be an investment banker)"


Nomi Prins Explains The Central Bankers’ Game of Thrones

By admin
SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=20523
Today James talks to Nomi Prins, author of books like All The Presidents Bankers, about her recent article “The Central Bank Power Shift from West to East, Game of Thrones Style.” We talk about the changing economic and monetary landscape and how the locus of central bank power is shifting to the East, with players like the People's Bank of China gaining in prominence and former US/EU lapdogs like the IMF becoming brokers for these new power players in the new world financial order.

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Where Cash Is No Longer King: The Monopoly Board

In a move that will delight younger siblings who never got a chance to be the banker — and infuriate older siblings who had a habit of stashing cash under the board — Hasbro has released a new edition of Monopoly without any bank notes at all. Just like the real world, the new version comes with a stack of debit cards instead of paper money. In the "Ultimate Banking" edition, which Hasbro revealed at this week's Toy Fair 2016, players purchase homes and pay rent by scanning the bar code on a property card, then tapping their own banking card on a handheld card reader. "Wasn't one of the beautiful things about Monopoly that, unlike almost anything other kids toys or games, it *didn't* require batteries?" opined one parent on a social media thread discussing the new edition. Others felt it was a welcome change, noting that since "many people get themselves into financial ruin with cards," the new edition might teach the younger set "how to be responsible with the money they can't see." The new version will retail for around $25 and should hit the shelves this fall. Monopoly was first produced in 1935 and has spawned multiple different versions, from an ABBA edition with tokens that include Bjorn's 1974 star-shaped guitar, to a chocolate version where players can be sent to Chocoholics Anonymous instead of jail. Read More: Hasbro Heeds 8-Year-Old's "Girls Matter" Letter on Star Wars Monopoly

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Новичок НБА Майлс Тернер поставил эффектный блок-шот ЛеБрону Джеймсу

Мощный форвард «Индиана Пэйсерс» Майлс Тернер, проводящий свой дебютный сезон в НБА, поставил эффектный блок-шот одному из лучших игроков лиги форварду «Кливленд Кавальерс» ЛеБрону Джеймсу, уверенно шедшему на данк.

А как умеют заводить зрителей баскетболисты украинской «Суперлиги Фаворит-Спорт», Вы сможете наблюдать в HD-качестве во время трансляций MostVideoTV.

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Интересные моменты вчерашних матчей. Часть 1:
- Данк Гэри Харриса через Сколу
- Данк Ибаки через Гортата
- Данк Драммонда от щита с передачи Дженнингса
- Данк Тернера!!
- БЛОКШОТ ЛеБрону от того же Тернера!!!
- Аллей уп от Нето и Гобера!!
- Быстрый отрыв Бакс и данк Миддлтона!!
- Коули- Стайн во всей красе!!
- Данк Капитана Америка, который поставил точку в игре с Чикаго


There is a hot theory gaining currency on Wall Street. 
It is a big picture idea, but it explains much of what is going on in the economy and society.
It is called technological deflation.
Moelis & Co. chief executive Ken Moelis was on CNBC's Closing Bell on Thursday, and brought it up. 
According to Moelis, we're in a deflationary world. That would normally be reason to be concerned: deflation is considered by central bankers as a destructive force. That is because a reduction in the price of goods is usually associated with a slowing economy and increased unemployment.
In this case, however, the deflation is a good thing. It is improving the standard of living, even in an environment where wage growth is stagnant. Here is Moelis:
I think in our world right now, you have so much technology driving price transparency, pricing power, efficiency. These are great things. I mean, what Amazon is doing - if you are a retailer, look, you better take your profit down and give the consumer an awfully good deal if Amazon is going to replace you. 
An oft-cited example of this in action is the Apple iPhone. Before the advent of the smartphone, a consumer might have had a mobile phone, an MP3 player and an internet connection at home. Now they have all three combined in one device, along with mapping and much else besides.
iPhones aren't cheap, but they are cheaper than buying all of those things separately. It has much broader applications too. 
Everything from Uber to AirBnB to the advent of fracking technology have increased the supply of certain materials and services, increasing competition and putting pressure on prices. 
Rick Rieder, BlackRock's chief investment officer of fundamental fixed income, highlighted the game-changing impact of technology earlier in the year. He said: 
Put simply, technology is reshaping the entire economic, social, inflation, and investment landscape. And some of the benefits, especially to the US, are profound.
Others have caught on too. John Ameriks, Vanguard's head of quantitative equity, told Business Insider earlier this year that it was a technology that was driving markets. 
"The ways in which we extract energy — there are completely new ways for us to do that that really change the cost structure in a particular industry," Ameriks said. "That's going to matter to particular firms.
"In the end, it's great news for everybody — but that will drive what happens in markets."Join the conversation about this story »


Monopoly - The Classic Edition -

<h2 align="center">Product Description</h2>
<h3>From the Manufacturer</h3>
Relive the Monopoly experiences you remember best from the game's classic years. Inside you'll find the most beloved features, including a traditional bi-fold game board, full-sized money tray, houses and hotels, your favorite tokens, and all the cards, deeds and money that made you feel rich when you first touched them. Authentic rules of play are included too.
<h3>Product Description</h3>
Original Game Play. Ages 8 and Up. 2-8 Players. Game board. Bankers tray. Money pad. Chance &amp; Community Chest Cards. Title Deeds. Silver-tone tokens. Houses and hotels. Dice and instructions.
<h2 align="center">Customer Reviews</h2>
<p> <strong>Family Fun</strong></p>
<p> We have a blast playing this game — everyone from the 5 year old to the grandparents. With a little help adding dots on the dice, counting money, and making change (teachable moments) the younger kids can learn the game and enjoy it! The Classic Edition is A MUST if you remember it from childhood. A little extra money is worth it. It also comes with a handy plastic tray to organize the bank money, properties, etc. You won't be disappointed with this purchase! </p>
<p><strong>FUN WAY TO TEST YOUR STEWARDSHIP</strong></p>
<p> This game often exposes the greed in the players, the acquisition being the point of the gamesmanship--deemed as a virtue. I find it more an exercise in wise stewardship while demonstrating grace toward the other participants, no matter whom God so chooses to bless with the most acquisitions in the game... </p>
<p><strong>Love the Classic Edition</strong></p>
<p> We bought our son a Modern Monopoly before this, as we couldn't find the Classic Edition in stores. We(the adults) didn't enjoy the game as much as the Classic Edition. So after a few months, we bought this Classic Edition on line at Amazon, and now we spend many hours on Saturdays(shabbats) playing. And even our son prefer the original game better now. </p>



The previously unpublished, real rules for board games Monopoly and Scrabble:

Use a turntable, unless you want to endure constant complaining from one player about how much harder it is to play upside down.

Choose a trustworthy scorer who can accurately add 17 to 156 in under five minutes.

Buying a dictionary is cheaper than paying for divorce lawyers.

Never play with anyone who knows more than 10 of the 124 officially permitted two-letter words.

If you land on a property, you can take out a mortgage through the help-to-buy scheme, the Government’s latest attempt to re-inflate the property bubble.

If you land on Mayfair, you can squat until the absentee Russian oligarch returns in 2016 to pay his mansion tax.

Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect £200. Wait until you’re released after serving half your sentence and can sell your memoirs.

The bank never goes broke, just like in real life. The banker can, however, go to jail.