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Date: 2017-10-30 03:12

⚡⚡⚡In Kiev will host an exhibition of the crypto industry within the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference⚡⚡⚡
October 12 in the creative space "All. Own | Locations » will host an exhibition of the crypto industry Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev. Hardware and software will present more than 30 brands, including Dash, BitConnect, MyRig, CoinTraffic. Organizes the exhibition company SmileExpo.
- Dash - payment system that issued the same crypto currency;
- BitConnect, which owns the BCC with a capitalization of about $ 1 billion (12th place in the world);
- Apla is the founder company of the blockchain-platform for the creation of digital ecosystems with smart contracts;
- DAO.Casino - developer of the gambling blockchain-protocol. The project raised $ 9.5 million in the first hour of its ICO;
- Oris.Space - a platform for the market for forecasts, social studies and game algorithms.
- CoinTraffic - affiliate network specializing in cryptology;
- CoinIndex - index platform for crypto-active assets and other companies.
In addition, visitors will be able to visit the stands of three famous cryptobibs: YoBit, Bitsane and AnyBits. And for the guests interested in mining, the stands of MyRig and Acronym will be available.
In addition to the exhibition, the event will host a three-stream conference. To the already familiar rooms for developers and businessmen will be added a room dedicated to Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
A special guest of the conference is Mike Butcher, chief editor of TechCrunch. The author of articles for the world's most famous publications will talk about the technical preparation of the startup for the ICO.
Date: October 12 at 11:00.
Location: Kiev, st. Desyatinnaya 12, "All. Own | Locations ».
Details and registration - https://kiev.blockchainconf.world/en


Итак, запланированный вчера стрим сегодня точно будет) Днем в 15.00 по Мск стрим у Public Streams Casino Riobet начислил 200$ вагер х35. Макс. кешаут 1000$.
Нужно отмыть этот бонус и разыграть 80% всей сумму среди зрителей и 20% модерам.
Если отмоем, все выигрыши, будут начисляться на счет казино, победителям, с вагером Х1.
Также будем разыгрывать индивидуальные промокоды на 20 фриспинов в Гонзо с вагером x10.
Будет интересно!!


Приветствую ну и посмотрел я твоих 15 первых стримов скажу честно не значительный плюс в конце стрима.Да и 11 стримов в плюс нету.А другой стример специально отбирал казино плей фортуну где он играл 3 стрима в минус 28.000 и 11 стримов подряд в плюс в итоге за эти стримы он поднял чистыми 389.000.Пополнения были до 10000 руб.У тебя таких выигрышей нет в начале твоих стримов.
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Public Streams Casino
Public Streams Casino3 дня назад (изменено)
Ну я играл по min bet и в итоге за 50 дней с отмывом бонусов поднял 1000$.
Накрутить именно отдачу это только в скриптовых казино только возможно.
Ну а ты проверял можно накрутить или нет.Просто как то странно я проиграл 60000 и вывел только 11000 а стримеру новичку так заносило.


From 15 shades of dog's dust,
We fell in fields of flowers
Felt like dancing in the dusk,
But didn't have the power
Now we had a place
It wasn't much, but it was ours
We called it Our Dominion

Built a cabin on a crest
Spent evenings in your eyes.
You'd tell me tales of noble quests
I'd sing you lullabys
We'd sleep beneath those triple moons
Entwined beside the fire.
Truly, Our Dominion.

And from a cloudless sky
Our friends descended
Wearing silver wings.
They'd heard the sound of distant laughter
Read our thoughts in smoky rings
Sure enough, they liked it here
Sure enough, they all moved in
They called it their extension.

Someone said "Get organized! We'll prosper if we scheme!"
He opened a casino, he pumped fluoride in the stream...
They named a plaza in his honour
Shit, they keep it clean.

From each and every angle, highways grew from holes in hell
They numbered all the houses, built a thousand black hotels
Demolished our poor cabin, we relocated to a cell.
We called it "space"

They taxed the air, the earth, the little birds up in the trees
They fined us for a kiss in public, we paid up when we sneezed
And soon the place was richer than Pope Pious Avocado III
And all his dominion

The city climbed the mountain,
The mountain sped on skateboards
To the sea
They lined up, mouthed a dozen Holy Marys on their knees
The waters opened wide, they planted flags
And in they dived

Time to fly away again
Was all too claustrophobic
We shuffled to the park
But it was fence-to-fence aerobics
Thunder clapped, it rained black boiling bile
And we fled soaking

Still there is a place deep down inside your soul
Where only I can go
There's a place deep down inside my soul
Where you can go

Call it "Home"