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Date: 2017-10-28 16:00

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Working on my Eeveelutions!
I’ve been obsessed with PokemonGo since the day it was released. I’m level 25, about to hit 26, my strongest Gym Taker is a Snorlax named Hodor (I name all my Mains after Game of Thrones characters), and I chose Team Valor. Oh wait, I’m meant to be talking about this costume, hahah!
I used 3 fabrics from my CosplayFabrics.com line, available at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, on this costume. Jumbo Spandex in black, Carbon Fiber fabric (front panels, jumper trim, and belt) and Ultrapreme in Purple. I couldn’t be happier with the athletic look of the costume, and it was so convenient to have these materials right at my finger tips.
I used the M7397 Accessories pattern, which I designed for McCall Pattern Company, for the gloves. So convenient and quick.
PokeTrainer Yaya is Miss July in my 2017 Cosplay Calendar! You can now pre-order the calendar at my online store! The first 300 orders get a free exclusive print!! See more details and order your copy here



A ten-year-old girl who fought off a bloodthirsty alligator with her bare hands claims they’re ‘misunderstood creatures.’

The Florida sun was fierce and high when ten-year-old Juliana Ossa went in Orlando’s Mary Jane Lake. Her attempts to cool off came to a sudden end when an alligator attempted to kill and eat her.

Wading in a foot of water, the terrified youngster was grabbed around the leg by a nine-foot alligator. Many people would have been paralyzed by fear. Not Juliana. Her survival instinct kicked in. She began to scream and hit the creature. Unfortunately, it had little effect. The reptile still had her leg in its mouth.

The quick-thinking youngster recalled a survival tip she had learned in Gatorland theme park. Without a second to lose, Juliana shoved two fingers up the predator’s nostrils. The trick saved her life. The reptile couldn’t breathe unless it opened its mouth. When it did, the little girl was able to free her leg and prevent further injury.

A nearby adult grabbed Juliana and took her to the safety of the shore. She was shaken but had survived an attack by one of nature’s deadliest creatures.

In the wake of the ordeal, Juliana said, “If you want to save your life you have to stay calm.” She then added, “I think the alligator thought I was like this enormous piece of chicken.”

Juliana had been bitten at least seven times. There were several puncture wounds to the back of her knee and she needed 14 stitches.

Paramedic Kevin Brito said, “She was a tough little girl. She said that if something is going to attack her, she has to attack back.”

Much to the dismay of Juliana, the alligator has since been captured and killed. The brave little girl has no hatred towards the predator who attacked her. Instead, she described it as a ‘misunderstood creature.’

Juliana said, “I still feel they have a cute inside because they’re misunderstood animals. It is now in heaven and it’s an alligator angel.”

For a ten-year-old girl to fight off an alligator is rare enough. Her refusal to give in to blind fear and bitter hatred is rarer still. Rather than condemn the alligator as a mindless monster, Juliana chose compassion for a wild creature governed solely by its instinct.



Bitcoin remains on the back foot ahead of the weekend.

According to Coindesk's Bitcoin Price Index, the number one cryptocurrency by total network value fell below $7,000 at 11:25 UTC this morning and hit an eight-day low of$6,793. A minor bid wave seen during the Asian session today quickly ran out of steam above $7,300.

At press time, the bitcoin-U.S. dollar (BTC/USD) exchange rate is trading at $6,799 levels. As per data from CoinMarketCap, bitcoin has dropped 4.76 percent in the last 24 hours.

Following the setting of a new record high of $7,879 Wednesday, the bull grip now looks to be weakening – likely due to the rotation of money out of bitcoin and into alternative currencies following the suspension of the Segwit2x hard fork on Wednesday.

The odds look high that the sell-off will continue too, given the month's rally from $5,000 was in part a product of the perception that holders of bitcoin might receive free money should the hard fork result in a split of the bitcoin blockchain. Thus, the cryptocurrency could shed a significant portion of the $2,800 gains.

Looking ahead, the price action analysis indicates the odds are stacked against the bulls.

The above chart shows:

- Bearish price relative strength index (RSI) divergence
- Double top reversal pattern with neckline support at $6,900
- The RSI has breached the rising trend line
- The trendline sloping upwards from the Sep. 15 low and Oct. 5 low is seen offering support around $6,260 levels.


- BTC looks set to breach the double top neckline support of $6,900. A close below $6,900 on the 1-hour chart could yield a sell-off to $6,200 (target as per the measured height method).
- However, only an end of the day close below the rising trend line support would signal a long-term bullish-to-bearish trend change.
- On the higher side, a break above $7,500 would revive the bullish move.


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# UTV News Kieran Hughes of Monaghan and Kevin McKernan of Down Credit: Presseye By Sinéad McGlynn Down’s season came to an end in Croke Park as this time it was Monaghan who came out on top after their second Championship meeting of the summer. A keenly contested first half finished all square 1-09 apiece with Fintan Kelly and Connaire Harrison hitting the net for their respective sides. Early points from the Hughes Brothers Darren and Kieran gave Monaghan the opening lead but it would be quickly nullified by a Darragh O’Hanlon free and a Caolan Mooney point in quick ...


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ZBrush 4R5 Beta Testing
Was lucky enough to help out a little in the ZBrush 4R5 beta test, i was involved right at the end so i literally had two evenings to test out some of the new features then another evening to design something. Some exciting stuff in the latest update, really looking forward to exploring everything in more detail when i get more free time.Here was the design i came up with on my Sunday evening, some sort of synthetic muscle robot character. I liked how some of the new tools allow us to create these skeletal hollow forms easily so i was just scratching the surface with this concept. The model was super rough but got the point across for the concept i had, i think only the upper torso/head area was used in the rendering then the rest was painted/illustrated. I was starting to build the full body in more detail now that i have a bit more time but i got hit with some more deadlines so i have to put it on hold for a bit or maybe just move onto something else that i have more time to develop. Am wrapping up a few other things then can hopefully get back to experimenting with the new features over the holidays. Looking forward to sharing more work soon!Here was a quick and dirty process gif showing the paint-over process, the first 3 images in the gif are just showing the really simple dynamesh block-out, then the model broken up with panel loops then pushing the panels around with the auto-masking features to get the look i was after.


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the RULE of RUNE #31 show w/ Art_Clandestine: Guest mix by Corcyra - 19/12/2013 | NSB RADIO: https://soundcloud.com/clandestinemusic/rule-of-rune-031-corcyra-guest


01. Chris Salt - Dub Sonar (Luke Chable Seriously Chilled Danger Remix) [free release]
02. Direct, Mr. FijiWiji - Hysteria [Monstercats]
03. Timewave - Strange Worlds (original) [Mistique Music]
04. Atlantis vs Avatar ft Miriam - Fiji (Line of Sight remix) [Scuna Music]
05. Sasha - Cut Me Down (Taras Bazeev Breaks remix) [RUNE FREE]
06. Yanix - Derecho (BETA Remix) [Ridiculoud Records]
07. Kill The Noise - Saturn (Karl Sav remix) [free release]
08. NuBreed, Burufunk, Brett Holland - Intercontinental (original) [Shiznit Recordings]
09. Heatbeat & Chris Schweizer - Nasty (Farace Breaks remix) [free release]
10. Bassxiac - Bassxiac Brought Me Here (BreaksMafia remix) [Pijamastep]
11. Leama - Requiem For A Dream (Refracture remix) [Perfecto Records]
12. Farace & Dave Berg - One Quick Hit (breaks remix) [Kick It Recordings]
13. Arma - Reckless (Under This remix) [Perfecto Recordings]
14. Fisso & Spark - Time (original) [Rocstar Recordings]



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о цельности, Сет Годин


The math has changed.
It used to be, you paid money to run an ad. A little piece of media, bought and paid for. The audience came with the slot.
Today, of course, the ad is free to run. Post your post, upload your video. Free.
What to measure, then?
Well, one thing to measure is attention. How many likes or shares or views did it get?
But if you're going to optimize for attention, not trust or results or contribution, then you're on a very dangerous road.
It's pretty easy to get attention by running down the street naked (until everyone else does it). But that's not going to accomplish your goals.
When Oreo gets attention for a tweet or Halotop for a horrible ad, they're pulling a stunt, not contributing to their mission.
Yes, the alternative is more difficult. It doesn't come with a quick hit or big numbers. But it understands what it's for. An effective ad is far more valuable than a much-noticed one.


It’s that point of the week once more. As we speak, Nintendo revealed a model new weapon that can be coming to its hit third-person shooter Splatoon 2 very quickly.
The weapon, which is called the Lengthy Blaster, was formally revealed by the sport’s official Twitter account. It has an...


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# 1,454 Email Templates 1,454 Email Templates 1,454 Email Templates 1,454 Email Templates For emails that people will want to open If you re sending an everyday email to your friends or family, you just type a few lines, hit send, and you re done. But if you want to create a good impression with potential clients or followers, professionally designed email templates can be a great way to ensure your email has the impact you want it to have.Here s a quick rundown of the main types of email templates available in our collection (over a thousand assets!), followed ...


Reduced for a quick decision to 15,000 Euro
Amateur prospect with FEI potentials and perfect friends for all days but not much trained. This impressive gelding 2010 by Dr. Jackson / Sandro Hit appr. 164 cm amazes with his exceptional movements, fantastic rideability and wonderful character! His lovely temperament and wonderful work ethic make this uncomplicated gelding an ideal choice for the amateur rider. But he was only a young girl who did not have much experience in higher level. So he is only the first level dressage ready and knows the free jumping (which he makes very nice). The girl is not riden since 8 weeks because she is ill. The video is for the break. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvm2x4_0IGc
Trying him is not possible. He must first start training again.
But he is sure a candidate for a rider who has a little time to train him slowly to have three swinging gaits with great stride, rhythm and impulsion. He's absolutly clear in the head, no time spooky and uncomplicated in all points. Video from his moves, lunging and free running I can send His pedigree has all the big names in dressage, which you need if you are successful in dressage. Dr. Jackson, Sandro Hit, Rubinstein .... By that he is not trained in higher levels and is not riden the last 8 weeks so price is so much reduced.rnWe have taken x-rays as he was 4 years old and to this time all pictures were clean.
Located in Germany by www.dressagehorse-quadriga.com


Go Vegan for a Day
Exactly how many animal products are you relying on? And if you changed, would you miss them? Going vegan for a day (or two!) is a great way to get first-hand answers to these questions, plus discover terrific new dishes and tasty ingredients. Try it alone, or join with friends and family for the adventure.


The first place you might face a vegan-day challenge is finding a substitute for dairy in your morning coffee or on cereal. Fortunately, there are a lot of yummy dairy-free nut and seed milk out there. I love rich-tasting cashew milk in coffee, and I’ve found that complexly flavored almond-coconut blends are particularly delicious over cereal and in black tea. Try a few to find your own favorites.

And what to eat for your morning meal? Make up a batch of versatile Fruit and Hemp Seed Muesli serve it either hot or cold for a super-convenient breakfast; it’s enough for 12 servings.

Or try out a dish that substitutes tofu for eggs. Veggie-packed Roasted Bell Pepper and Asparagus Tofu Frittata is a good one and makes a terrific brunch.


For easy, light meals, you can grab some hummus and whole-grain crackers, or make up a quick sandwich with sliced smoked tofu and avocado (one of my favorite combos!). Just about any salad can be bumped up with the addition of a plant protein like beans, nuts or a vegan cheese.

For a family favorite that’s also great for a picnic, you can’t beat this Vegan Portobello Muffuletta, a creative take on New Orlean’s favorite sandwich.

And for a satisfying soup that makes a terrific sit-down meal, Zesty Black Bean Soup is a hit. Serve it with bread or tortilla chips.


Smoothies made without dairy are excellently filling and a good way to work more produce into your diet. A quick blend will give you this silky, refreshing Vegan Mango Lassi that uses flax milk and coconut milk.

These grab-and-go Maple and Carob Granola Bars are excellent; if you haven’t tried carob in a while, you should — it’s an earthy, roasted flavor that’s similar to cocoa but intriguingly different.


"It was 1991 or thereabouts, and Scotland's Soup Dragonshad brewed up a colossal hit with their acid-house reconfiguration of the Rolling Stones "I Feel Free"....and I could give a rats ass. In fact when they quietly disappeared a few years later (along with the rest of the Madchester scene), I'm sure I was subconciously delighted they were off the radar. That was until the mid-90s when I had read in more than a few places that early in their career, the Soup Dragons more or less aped The Buzzcocks.

Hmmm. Being the Buzzcocks fan I was/still am, I decided to do some investigating, within budget mind you. I found a tape of their full-length debut This Is Our Art. Hardly the stuff of Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle, but at least the breakbeats and wah-wah hadn't kicked in yet. I delved a little deeper and investigated their Hang Ten!release, a cobbled together collection of early ep tracks. I was getting a little warmer, but if anything the material on Hang Ten! (some claim this to be their strongest release, btw) was a loose afterthought of the just passed C86 indie pop phenom. It wasn't until the last couple years that I learned of the Soup Dragons pre-Hang Ten! ep, The Sun Is in the Sky. Bingo - or as close as I would come to what I had been pining for anyway. The slightly off-kilter tenor inhabiting "Swirling Round The Garden With You" and "Fair's Fair" did indeed pack some serious crunch, but not so much the firepower I had anticipated. At any rate The Sun... is a fun, respectable DIY record, and a motif that for better or worse, the Soup Dragons would quickly abandon".
- Wilfully Obscure


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# Quick Application NO CREDIT CHECK OR EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION NEEDED! No Payments Type of Cases Eligible for Legal Funding Commercial Litigation Discrimination Jones Act/Maritime Law Personal Injury/Negligence Police Brutality/Wrongful Imprisonment Premise Liability/Slip and Falls Sexual Abuse/Harassment Traumatic Brain Injury Wrongful Death Feel free to call our toll free hotline at: 877.571.0405 Or simply hit the application button to start the process on your own and a sales agent will contact you shortly. Start your Free Case Evaluation Right now! Our friendly sales agents are standing by right now to answer any of your funding questions. Feel free to call our ...